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Management Control Systems

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Only a brief background (one paragraph) of any company (out of 5 companies

communicated earlier) followed by some questions will appear in the exam

paper. . Your job is to answer those questions. Please DO NOT expect that

the full case study of the respective company will be there in the

question paper. Therefore collect information regarding the companies and

prepare accordingly.

2nd question will be a theoretical question to test the conceptual clarity

on different topics of MCS

3rd question is a mini case study (a brief extract from the cases

discussed in the class) for analysis.

Any one company will come in the exam, for

your analysis, considering the different aspects of MCS.

Management Control Systems (MCS) mainly concerns with creating an atmosphere for

the effective execution of corporate strategy. It is well evident world over that many good

strategies failed miserably for the want of their effective implementation or

accomplishment. In that sense execution of corporate strategy is altogether a different

domain, which needs to be addressed separately. Thus our MCS course may be viewed as

a complementary set to the Business Strategy course, which is taught in many B-Schools.

In the process of the implementation of corporate strategy, the managers deal with the

issues of transfer pricing, performance measurement and management compensation.

These are very crucial and sensitive issues having a lot of motivational implications for

the managers in any organization whether big or small. The organization has its vision

and mission to perform, but at the same time, the managers who are responsible for

proper implementation of the strategy have their own personal goals to achieve. So the

central control problem in the organizations is to encourage the managers to act in such a

way that while seeking their personal goals, they also contribute to attaining the

organizational goals. Under this background, we have a full course on MCS.




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