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Starbucks Corporation Management Support System

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Starbucks Corporation is an international coffee and coffee house chain. This report looks at a particular functional area within Starbucks and examines two of the information systems used. The report will start by identifying one business process within the functional area then goes onto analyzing two information systems employed and how they support the particular business process.

The functional area of choice for the purpose of this report is Starbucks Coffee Store Operations, which is responsible for ensuring smooth operations of the Starbucks coffee shops inside Australia.

One of the business processes in this department is Performance Management Improvement, which is a process that aims at improving general performance and competitiveness. The two systems that are currently being employed are the Point of Sale (POS) and the Manager Work Station (MWS) Systems.

The next part of the report details the key inputs and outputs of the two systems and describes the hardware and network used - The point of Sale system provides regular register function and record daily transactions. Data such as time, customer transaction, quantity of food and drinks sold, quantity of wasted items can be obtained which are then transferred to Manager Work Station (MWS). The MWS can generate reports using the data and allow managers to track sales, find out customer transactions within different hours range, to check sale by product category, to record wastage, to carry a financial audit.

The aim of this report is to identify a functional area of an organization and two information systems that are being used within the department. The organization of choice used for the purpose of this assignment is Starbucks Coffee Company ltd which is the largest coffeehouse chain in the world. We will be focusing on the functional area Coffee Store Operations and two information systems employed (the Point of Sale system and the Manager Work Station) and evaluate their effects in terms of adding value for the organization. This report also describes the collection of components in the system, including the hardware and software used to obtain, store and analyze data, as well as the participating personnel

2. Starbucks and the Coffee Store Operations unit (functional area)

Starbucks strategy is to reach customers where they work, travel, shop and dine and the company currently has over 16000 stores in the world. The Coffee Store Operations unit strives to develop the company-operated retail store environment and maintain smooth daily operations. Some of the major functions of the unit include monitoring the performance of the stores; ensure appropriate control over store operations and to solve problems before they become crisis. Most regions have its own Store Operations unit responsible for the local store, while retail stores located outside of the North America, UK, Thailand



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