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Mapping of Howard County

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Essay Preview: Mapping of Howard County

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[pic 1][pic 2][pic 3]

Old Ellicott City                                Grovemont

Isabella Bloomquist

Howard County, Maryland

FMST 201-003

[pic 4][pic 5]

B&O Railroad Location                        Rockburn Park

[pic 6][pic 7]

NEW Howard County Fire Station        Patapsco Valley/River

[pic 8]

NEW Howard County Public Library




Neighborhood location/ boundaries

[pic 9]

I reside in Grovemont which is located directly off of Landing Road. Grovemont is a family friendly neighborhood that is safe to raise children in. My family built one of the first ten homes in Grovemont when I was four years old and I have been living there since then. With a total land area of 160,640 acres, Howard County is the second smallest county in Maryland.


Howard County officially became the 21st of Maryland’s 23 counties in 1851, and prior to this Howard County was considered part of Anne Arundel County. In the 1600’s, Howard County was mainly utilized for farming and hunting grounds. Additionally, the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Station began operating through Howard County in 1830.×tamp=1541079116960


Population estimate as of July 1st 2017- 321,113

Population of those 16 years and over- 241, 509

Population per square mile- 1,144.9


Under 5 years of age- 6.0%

Under 18 years- 24.5%

Over 65 years- 13.4%

Median age- 38.6 years old


In Howard County, 51.1% of the population is women.


White- 57.3%

African American- 19.5%

Asian- 18.9%

Single, married, family

Family households- 82,123

Nonfamily households- 27,749

Householders living alone- 22,635

Housing characteristics

Household population

Average household size- 2.79 persons

Housing options

In Howard County there are:



-Single-Family Houses


-Older Adult Housing Options

-Long Term Care Facilities

-Assisted Living Homes

Housing values

Median property value- $445,400

Homeownership rate- 72.8%

Educational Levels

High School Graduates

95.3% of Howard County’s population has obtained a high school graduate degree or higher.

College Graduates

61.0% of Howard County’s population has completed college and obtained a degree.


The amount of Howard County Residents with no high school diploma is a mere 5,419 people. When comparing this number to Baltimore county, another county in Maryland, it is very low. In Baltimore County, 30,920 residents have not completed high school.


Socio economic levels

[pic 10]

This graph displays the Household Income distribution throughout Howard County, MD.

Median incomes

Median household income- $113,800

Average household income- $140,754

Male average income- $77,137

Female average income- $59,816


[pic 11]×tamp=1541079116960

Employment rates

Unemployment rate- 4.6%

16 years or older; in civilian labor force- 72.4%

16 years or older; females in civilian labor force- 66.5%

Business & Industry profiles

[pic 12]

This chart displays the major public and private sector employers in Howard County.×tamp=1541079116960

Cultural & Community Elements

Public Buildings/Landmarks

[pic 13] This map displays a very well-known Historical Landmark located in Ellicott City, Howard County, Maryland. This map is of Historic Ellicott City. In Old Ellicott city, there are shops, restaurants, cafes, attractions, and museums. Despite the floods that Ellicott City has endured, it stands strong and still is heavily populated.  This area is full of historical sites and meaning. There are many small businesses located on Main Street and the community of Howard County supports these shops.

Recently in Howard County, there have been many renovations to the communities’ public buildings. This year, Howard County constructed a brand new Fire Station and relocated it to 4150 Montgomery Road. Another renovation that took place was on the Howard County Public Library. The location remained the same but the Library was expanded and upgraded.

Howard County is full of landmarks. There are over 13 public parks that offer a variety of playground, tracks, open fields, trails, and sports fields. The closest park to my house is Rock burn Park. Here there are 6 basketball courts, a playground, 2 turf fields, 2 baseball fields, 4 trails for walking or biking, and a concession stand. This is a public park that many families visit daily with their children.

Houses of Worship

There are a variety of houses of worship in Howard County. Religion in Howard County is diverse and very popular. Due to the diversity, there are churches, synagogues, and interfaith centers. Below is a chart displaying the leading Christian denominations in Howard County.

[pic 14]

Museums/Preforming Arts

The B&O Ellicott City Station Museum is located in Ellicott City, Maryland. The core mission of this museum is to preserve the history of Old Ellicott City, which is a National Historic Landmark site built in 1830. This museum displays exhibits on local and national railroad history and all artifacts are directly related to the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.

Along with the B&O Museum, there is an Arts Council located in Ellicott City. The Howard County Arts Council is a home for the arts that take place in Howard County. This facility serves many purposes for the community. First, this center is a valuable community resource as it provides a location for people of all ages and skill levels to advance and learn about art. Additionally, local artists are able to work and teach others about art as they grow individually. This Center offers year-round classes in visual arts, music, theater, and dance for any age.

Markets/Festivals/ Events

Howard County has many farmer’s markets which offer farm fresh produce to its’ residents. The biggest turnout is produced by the Howard County Famers Markets Organization which allows vendors to sell freshly produced food products on Fredrick Road in Ellicott City. This Farmer’s market is open from May to November on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Festivals occur year round an in various places across Howard County. A common location for community events and concerts is Merriweather Post Pavilion, which is located off of Route 29 in Columbia. Maryland. Here at this premium outdoor venue, there are festivals and vendor events throughout the entire summer and spring season. One yearly festival that takes places in May at Merriweather is Wine in the Woods. This is an event where wineries, local or far, can participate in to enhance business. Attendance was reported at 26,170 people last year and has grown tremendously since the beginning of this event in 1997.

Educational Resources

The Howard County Public Library offers 7 locations but the most local is in Elkridge. This library was renovated in 2017 and is ranked among the nation’s great public library systems. The Howard County Library offers a wide range of free events and classes for all different age levels. Also, the library has computers and Wi-Fi that can be utilized for free.

In Howard County, there is a community college that offers a college education to students for cheaper than a university. Howard Community College (HCC) is the primary community college for one of the best-educated counties in Maryland. HCC provides students with flexibility, and the ability to obtain a two-year degree at their own pace. This college is very common for high school graduates in Howard County who are not ready, or able to attend college away from home.

Hospitals and Health Care

-Howard County General Hospital

-Ouch Urgent Care

-Kinder Mender

-Patient First

Persons covered by health insurance- 94.9%

Under 65 years, with a disability- 4.4%

Recreational Opportunities

Howard County Recreation & Parks is an organization that offers a range of recreation programs for all ages and skill levels. This department offers camps, cooking classes, adventure days for preschoolers, craft classes, sports teams, dance classes, and language courses. There are many events to participate in throughout this organization and it is a great way for children to engage with others and give parents some free time.

Along with Howard County’s Recreational groups, there are many fitness centers located in Howard County. The gyms located in Howard County are; Orange Theory, Fitness 19, Columbia CrossFit Cove, Life Time Athletic, and Columbia Gym.

Another new recreational facility in Howard County is the Long Reach Tennis Club. This club has six indoor tennis courts, locker rooms, showers, and five outdoor tennis courts. This facility gives tennis players in Howard County’s community the opportunity to play and meet other tennis players.


-Transit buses

-Expansion of pedestrian and bike routes around schools, the library, and shopping centers.

-Pedestrian Bridges (Route 29 pedestrian bridge)

Banking and Financial Resources

Howard County offers a wide range of banking options for its residents. Some of the banks and credit unions available in Howard County are; M&T Bank, PNC, Susquehanna Bank, Capital One Bank, Howard Bank, SunTrust Bank, Tower Federal Credit Union and many more. These banks are located frequently throughout Howard County and public transportation bus stops are near.


The main premier shopping mall in Howard County is The Mall in Columbia. This mall has five major department stores and over 200 specialty stores. Over the past five years, this mall has been renovated and modernized. There are fine dining restaurants and attractions now located at the mall. Along with The Columbia Mall, there are many shopping strips with store such as; TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, and Home Goods for Howard County residents. Additionally, there are many clothing and furniture shops in Old Ellicott City that offer unique, and sometimes antique deals.

Emergency/Government Services

Howard County provides emergency resources that help residents accommodate with providing food, ensuring safety, and providing shelter. Grassroots Day Resource Center is located in Jessup, Maryland and provides hot meals, showers, pantry items, and aid to those in need. An emergency resource that ensures safety for Howard County residents is the Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services. There are more than four different fire station locations that all collaborate to educate, protect, and serve residents. Lastly the Community Action Council of Howard County, located in Columbia, provides housing assistance, energy assistance, and early childhood education assistance. These resources work diligently to ensure that all Howard County residents are fed, covered by a home, and safe at all times.{"issue_id":534995,"page":24}



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