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Power Play for Howard

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Essay Preview: Power Play for Howard

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Power Play for Howard

Most up and coming athletics are wanted by the best teams, which starts the negotiation process. Juwan Howard started his basketball career with the Washington Bullets during the 1995-96 National Basketball Association (NBA) season. The season was promising for Howard as he excelled and charted record numbers. Making the top five picks to enlist with just about any NBA team of his desire, Howard became a wanted man. As his agent, David Faulk began the negotiation process, several substantial components made the process unique and profound.

Negotiating NBA contracts can be sticky business because other teams can out bid or offer a more attractive benefits. The purpose of this paper is to analysis the benefits of Juwan Howard's contract, evaluating the tangible and the intangible benefits and the cost and risk associated, as his agent ascertain the best situation through negotiating a $105 million seven-year contract.

Perspectives of Howard's Tangible and Intangible Benefits

The negotiation of Juwan Howard's free agent contract was an opportunity for Juwan Howard to gain a contract that would maximize his finances for the next several years of playing basketball. The negotiation of the amount of salary was the main tangible benefit as gaining more money was the main goal of the negotiations for Juwan Howard. Another tangible asset for Juwan Howard was the city where Howard would be required to live in for the length of the contract as he would want to be in a city which was a desirable place to live. Financial gain and location are two of the tangible benefits that resulted from contract negotiations as Juwan Howard. A new sports car was a tangible benefit which Juwan Howard purchased after the negotiations were settled. One of the intangible benefits of the large contract negotiation was the reputation of being one of the highest payed players in the NBA as a multi-million basketball contract is notable as a successful and accomplished player status. The self esteem boost for Howard and the stunning reputation from the negotiation is a real benefit which would be talked about by many people. As Howard acquired tangible and intangible benefits from the negotiation there were also perspectives of the general manager which were affected.

Perspectives of the General Managers

Negotiations to persuade Juwan Howard to sign with the Washington Bullets were the main integrative bargaining perspective of the new general manager, Wes Unseld. The general manager of the Washington Bullets worked with Juwan Howard's agent David Falk to develop a large contract deal of $74 million. As Unseld was in the position of negotiations between the team owner and Abe Pollin to complete the deal he had to figure out how to get both parties to meet at an acceptable level to agree of the



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