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Marketing Asus

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ASUS as the world's largest motherboard manufacturers, with a strong R & D capability, access to a global Computer vendors generally respected. Domestic even declared: In our many talented people just have access to Computers when the ASUS motherboard is the unshakable brand, but has retained the glory of this Wumianzhiwang for nearly a decade. In other words, on the motherboard Industry for the last decade, it is almost an Asus era.

August 19, 2003, Asustek Computer launched in Beijing, the world's lightest Centrino notebook, weighing only 920 grams. Previously, the lightest one of all Toshiba Centrino laptop and weighs 1.09 kilograms. This product is the Asus is the latest low-voltage Centrino platform, the size is only 8.9 inches, the product of the first to come, highlights the Asus the world's leading R & D, design, manufacturing strength, but this time into the notebookIndustry, Asustek and only then just six years.

Even more surprising is that, in 2002, Asustek has been defeated in one fell swoop inTaiwan, Acer and other international brands and the board of Taiwan's leading notebookComputer sales position to become a flagship business notebook market.

Apple and Sony, and other famous brands of orders and Intel on the notebookComputer's technical support, encouragement, the media have predicted that Asustek notebook sales in 2003 will reach two million units, as of June 2003, Asustek's own brand of beyond the notebook computer has produced more than 50 million notebook computers,

ASUS so why get success?

Industry analysis, the success of Asus and Asus management team has been actively promoting the Technology Marketing ideas are inseparable. In the IT field, a mention Asus, consumers think of is the Technology advanced; a mention of high-quality products, consumers can contact to Asus products. ASUS motherboards, graphics cards, optical storage, and notebook computers based on their technical superiority and quality of leadership made a series of brilliant achievements, that is, ASUS actively promote the results of technical Marketing.

Why integrate Technology and Marketing?

Technical Marketing in the end is what kind of concept?

ASUS Business Group, general manager of China operations You Jia Xu's explanation: 'We are of Technology as engines, using Marketing to reach customers, and then through the Technology to reflect the user requirements, and this is our praise for technologyMarketing. '

In the majority of people are concerned, technology and Marketing are two completely different concepts, technology and Marketing, Why do we need integration?

I believe that: At present, some IT companies have technical tendencies, that rely on technological innovation, product Development can be winning the market; there is the existence of Marketing companies tend to ignore the technological innovation, attempting toMarketing activities such as advertising can achieve success. Should be recognized that these two types of businesses have access to success stories, but long-term Development of enterprises, not technology, make up this lesson, the ultimate failure is inevitable, and this ever-changing IT for technology enterprises, especially important.

From the enterprise for self-Development, technology and Marketing is actually a dialectical relationship between the mutually reinforcing: the Development of technologies necessary to market-oriented, while technology for Marketing innovation and Marketingstrategies to achieve provided the material conditions; Marketing Development is inseparable from the technical support, technical more developed the more we need a corresponding high level of Marketing. The implementation of marketing strategy should take technological change as the core, make the products closer to customers, resulting in competitive advantage.

United States Cisco CEO John Chambers said: 'The best technology is not necessarily successful, the market will eventually have to defeat technology. 'This is a technology and marketing, the dialectical unity between. Lack of marketing on the best technology does not necessarily translate into market demand; and even the best marketing strategy, there is no technology as a support, it is difficult to form a market, changes in market demand, an urgent demand marriage of technology and marketing. A successful entrepreneur is to be good at using 'technology marketing' strategy to bring the best of technological innovation combined with modern marketing methods to create new business opportunities and wealth, to gain a lasting competitive advantage.

Technology-oriented only concentrated on production technology inputs to the neglect of marketing, companies will lose the direction of improving the R & D products and can not satisfy consumer demand will eventually be eliminated by the market. If the importance of marketing blindly at the expense of technology and research and development, the needs of the consumer can not get the same high-quality, and rapid and efficient satisfaction.

ASUS practice, they are usually the fastest, most advanced technology to achieve the user requirements satisfaction. Such as the company learned in marketing activities, users of a computer crash very upset, so they are on the adoption of technology to solve this difficult problem, developed a Mandarin can tell you where the motherboard failure to meet the needs of users. Again, home users do not want to boot CD cases, be able to experience the playback environment, ASUS has also through technology to meet the user.

Technology and marketing are the value of enterprise value chain activities. To improve the value of one of the events have helped raise the value of the entire enterprise to create competitive advantage. However, according to cask principle, that is not determined by the amount of barrel bucket filled with water the longest side, but on the barrel of the shortest side. Therefore, enterprises must pay attention to the coordinated development of technical and marketing, but can be neglected, so that optimal efficiency of enterprises. Otherwise, only half done, not reach the desired results.

A typical example, Iridium was founded in 1991, mainly focusing on the global satellite communications technology research and development, its technology is leading the world, but because corporate decision makers to ignore the marketing, consumer product positioning for the general public, the results because of high prices, the public can not accept an end to the Iridium become a 'meteor'. Ignore the integration of technology



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