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Marketing Mix Paper : Nevia

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Amie M. Owens

Keiser University - Online


Nivea is a worldwide skin and body care brand, claimed by the German organization Beiersdorf. On March 28 1882, Pharmacist Carl Paul Beiersdorf set up the organization. The organization started in 1911 when Beiersdorf came up with water in oil as a skin cream with Eucerit, which was the first ever stable emulsion of its kind. The organization's proprietor, Oscar Troplowitz named it Nivea, from niveus a Latin word meaning snow-white. Under Troplowitz possession, the organization built up its very own few items such as; Nivea leucoplast, labello among others. The organization Nivea started from Poland and was purchased by Germany speculators. In 1930s, Nivea started producing items like shaving creams, tanning oils, facial toners and cleanser which were found in yellow tin box. Creative enriching green edge held well known pattern in the craft of that time. So as to investigate how Nivea has accomplished this position in consumers′ minds, this article will be taking a gander at the promoting blend and how Nivea has managed the four P′s.

Product Section


The German customer products organization Beiersdorf brought the now exceptionally celebrated skin cream named Nivea into the business sector. Its base in Hamburg, Germany is very strategic in that it is almost situated at the center of not only Europe but the world at large. Nivea has now become one of the greatest healthy skin brands on the planet, offering items in somewhere in the range of 150 nations.

Brand Name

The Nivea brand envelops an extensive variety of body products. Its variety incorporates body lotions, jelly, face washes, lip balm, deodorants, whitening creams and after-shave lotions. Nivea has obviously been effective in making solid traits which individuals partner with depending on his/ her skin conformation

Company Image

Nivea with its iconic blue tin and white capitals have been a symbol of closeness, expertise and trust hence maintaining the company image of quality as well as its value of money. Nivea has made the picture of being honest to goodness, earth neighborly and offering great quality at a sensible cost. Offering an extensive variety of items and serving all eras it proposes being a perfect decision for the whole family.

Features and benefits

Later in the years, Nivea advancement gave territories of beauty care products for instance Q 10 which is anti-wrinkle ingredient, and day by day care cream. Nivea Q 10 (anti-wrinkle) rapidly turned into a top of the line against wrinkle item on the planet.


Consumers concentrate more on reliable brands that give validity and consideration that convey advantages to shoppers as far as the aftereffects of utilizing are concerned. Besides, a commodity ought to worry on a client as far as its notoriety, identity and furthermore the emphasis on fulfillment and identity attributes of clients to enhance the brand technique and store the long haul association with a client through brand devotion (Constantinides, 2014). Product is characterized as an item with anything that can be offered to a business opportunity for consideration, obtaining, use or utilization that may fulfill a need or need. The Nivea item is for the most part a result of good quality. However diverse the scope of Nivea items might be they all encapsulate tender administer to all eras. To guarantee this specific quality standard innovative work turns into a vital issue. On their site page it is shown that more than 150 dermatological and restorative analysts, drug specialists and scientific experts are continually attempting to enhance built up items and concoct new ones. Particularly with the product offering Q10, which includes hostile to skin maturing and against cellulite items, Nivea endeavors to confirmation its dermatological aptitude. The principal stage in building a viable blend is to comprehend the business sector. Nivea utilizes statistical surveying to target key business sector fragments which distinguishes gatherings of individuals with the same qualities, for example, age, sex, disposition or the life style. The learning and comprehension from the examination helps in the advancement of new items. Nivea completes its statistical surveying with customers in various diverse ways. These include: utilizing center gatherings to listen to customers straightforwardly; assembling information from purchasers through an assortment of various examination methods; item testing with shoppers in various markets.

Place Section

Channels of Distribution

Nivea items are for all intents and purposes discovered all over. Approximately 65% of Nivea sales are through high street shops whereas the rest 35% are through grocery chains. They are situated on the racks of not only high status retailers but also general stores as well. Through this appropriation procedure Nivea shows up as a brand that is effectively accessible for a wide range of individuals and obviously a wide range of families who nurture great quality. Place alludes to: how the item touches base at the purpose of offer. This implies a business must consider what appropriation systems it will utilize where an item is sold. This incorporates retail outlets like general stores or high road shops.

Types of distribution

 It additionally incorporates different routes in which organizations make items specifically accessible to their objective business sector, for instance, through post office based mail or the Internet. Nivea circulates through a scope of outlets that are financially savvy however that likewise achieves the most astounding number of shoppers. Its conveyance and distribution techniques additionally consider the ecological effect of transport. It utilizes a focal conveyance point as a part of the UK. Items touch base from European creation plants utilizing contract vehicles for effectiveness for ahead conveyance to retail stores. Beiersdorf does not offer direct to littler retailers as the volume of items sold would not be practical to convey but rather it utilizes wholesalers for these littler accounts. It does not offer specifically through its site as the expenses of delivering little requests would be too high.



Advancement as the exercises the organization performs with a specific end goal to impart to its current and potential clients. Various channels are utilized to impart to various gatherings i.e. Distributors and clients and diverse means could be utilized as promotion methods.


 Adverts of Nivea are found in a wide range of magazines and daily papers, on TV on all channels at normal interims. In these adverts, pictures are mostly passed on. It is a picture that proposes supporting family values, remaining for wellbeing and validity and conveying this "near touch" human fellowship. Grinning countenances of honest to goodness looking individuals of all eras, from infants over adolescents and youthful folks to 60 year-olds, bring this message over.



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