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Marketing Mix for Samsung Galaxy Smartphone’s.

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Essay Preview: Marketing Mix for Samsung Galaxy Smartphone’s.

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Abstract: During the last few decades, the concept of marketing has changed dramatically. It has evolved from the focus on the product and on making a “better” product where better was based on internal standards and values. The objective was profit and the means to achieving the objective was selling, or persuading the potential customers to exchange his or her money for the company’s product. As the objective of profit expanded it included the entire marketing mix or the “Four Ps”- product, price, promotion and place. Marketing mix helps a company to establish itself in the business environment. The study focuses on Samsung’s strategy for marketing its Galaxy mobile phones by successful implementation of the 4Ps- product, price, promotion and place.

Introduction: The marketer’s task is to devise marketing activities and assemble fully integrated marketing programs to create, communicate and deliver value to the consumers. The marketing program consists of numerous decisions on value-enhancing marketing activities to use. One traditional depiction of marketing activities is in terms of marketing mix, which has been defined as the set of marketing tools the firm uses to pursue its marketing objective. (Borden) McCarthy classified these tool into four board groups, which he called the Four Ps f marketing; product, price, place and promotion. (McCarthy, 1996)

• Product: A product is anything which is capable of satisfying customer need. At the heart of a great brand is a great product. It is the most important element in the marketing mix. Customers primarily get interested in dealing with the company when they feel its products are capable of serving their needs.

• Price: It is defined as the value that the company expects to get from the customers in return of the product or the service the company is providing to the consumer.

• Promotion: most companies erroneously focus almost exclusively on advertising to convey their messages. Whereas companies like, Body Shop, have been able to build strong brands and gain a large market share without much advertising. Other methods, like, publicity, sponsorship and word of mouth promotion have been used to convey their brand ideas.

• Place: Most producers do not sell their goods directly to the consumers; between them stand a set of intermediaries performing a variety of functions. 'Place' is involves various activities from transporting and storing goods, and then making them available for the customer. Getting the right product to the right place at the right time involves the distribution system.

Product: Samsung Galaxy Smartphone:

Our generations have been technological savvy. The demands for smart phones have been increased last five years. Smartphone’s and android phones have not only been useful for the communication, but also have connected to a better world, with its various features, like, maps and navigation,



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