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Marketing Mix

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Marketing mix refers to a unique blend of products, place, promotion and pricing strategies designed to produce mutually satisfying exchanges with a target market. It is an important factor to consider in introducing or bringing a product or services to the market.

The marketing mix may differ for one product in different markets.

One of Disney's popular franchise is their movies. Their products in this franchise are their movies such as Hannah Montana, Cars, Pirates of the Caribbean etc which are very well distributed in their very own Disney Channel. They also use the famous ABC and ESPN which has a very large viewership reputation. By doing this, their products became more popular and enables them to broaden their target market area. Bob Iger has lead a dramatic revitalization of Disney's brand when he first became the CEO. His strategy shifted Disney's focus around its stable franchises. The major components of his strategic plan as the new CEO, were creating great content applying technology to the business and help it grow internationally. implementing his strategic plan, Disney was able generate more profits and high sales rate, and also expand its appeal to other markets. Thus, Bob Iger's strategic plan was well implemented and a very successful one.


Sustainable competitive advantage is one that cannot be copied by the competition. In other words, this is a strategic advantage one business has over the its competitor on the same industry over a long period of time.Disney's cross-platform franchising into many firm franchise sequels, including new Cars, Pirates, and monsters INC. films, helps create a sustainable advantage.By placing their strong brand name into different markets, Disney has generate or reach a wider opportunity to reach other markets that their competitors failed to reach.



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