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Marketing Strategies of Dell, Hp, and Apple

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Essay Preview: Marketing Strategies of Dell, Hp, and Apple

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Powerpoint presentation and paper comparing the Marketing strategies of Dell, Apple, and HP computer products.

Which Market segments are targeted by each company.

What is the most important customer benefit stressed by each company.

How does the company attempt to connect (form relationships) with customers

What is the companies chief strategic advantage over the others companies?

What features should your company build into its web site that would rival the competitors site?

You are a marketing executive with a major computer manufacturer. Your company is not as large or as well known as the major competitors in the market, but it sells a quality product line that can stand up to anything these better known companies can offer. After years in the shadows of these name brand companies, you and your colleagues believe you are positioned to capture a significant share of the market with your latest line of products. Your job is to develop the marketing strategies that will make it happen.

Your competitors are quickly altering their marketing strategies to meet the realities of a competitive marketplace. Your competitors include other brick-and-mortar (BAM) retail sellers, more progressive "click-only" sellers that only do business via the Internet and "click-and-mortar" or "brick-and-click" sellers who do business through both the Internet and retail store locations. Your job is to keep pace with them without alienating the brick-and-mortar retailers that your company currently depends on to sell most of its products. You need to integrate what you already know of marketing strategies and methods with the unique opportunities, adaptations, and challenges posed by the Internet.



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