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Marketing Strategies of Sjg Pharmaceutical Ltd

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Essay Preview: Marketing Strategies of Sjg Pharmaceutical Ltd

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Pharmaceutical industry is the key for Ministry of Health in any country of the world and a strong pharmaceutical industry reflects a better health and care system in the country. The basic aim of the companies in this market should be to provide quality medical products to general public at affordable prices so that people can easily access the required medicine thus would be in the interest of general public leading towards a healthy society. But unfortunately many companies have started doing this business for the sake of higher profits thus leave some negative factors on the society and sometimes can lead towards big danger.

Pakistan is a developing country where the public health care sector is not much active as it should be reason being the ignorance by the government and the general public by itself that is why every third person in the society is suffering from any disease. One of the major reason for this is the negligence of pharmaceutical companies by itself that they not start such campaigns so that the people can be aware of health and care regulations besides it such programs must be started that can identify the importance of making regular checkups with doctors and people would know what medical product should be used under what circumstances.

SJG is one of the oldest pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan that is providing quality services in the public health sector and reason being one of the leading firms what steps it should take to contribute more in the society that would benefit people and the company as well but there is a number of other firms that operate in the market and sell low quality products on low prices and unaware public uses those products that's the discussion in the research project that what measurements SJG should adapt to avoid the effect of these small companies and how it can be the market leader and what strategies SJG should follow to complete its mission effectively.

In the research it has been tried to make useful recommendations for the company to adapt such an effective marketing strategies in order to get the competitive advantage and government to help them making a better plan that would be in the interest of society and the overall economy of country.



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