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Marketings Factors of Smes in Meiktila Industrial Zone

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Essay Preview: Marketings Factors of Smes in Meiktila Industrial Zone

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Marketing practice in Meiktila at Myanmar is still weak till now. So I want to analyze the problems that occur in this SMEs in Meiktila Industrial zone at myanmar. The entrepreneurs in these industries are relutant to invest and give effort in marketing practices. Although their products can upgrade to export to international market , they are not willing to penetrate. Because their knowledge about marketing is so poor. So , this research paper expect to develop the main problems in SMEs and to develop the solving way to this difficulties. Firstly, I want to introduce marketing theories that relevant with poor knowledge producers in SMEs of Meiktila Industrial zone. Marketing theories relate with 4Ps may be the most suitable with them. So I want to emphasize the basic marketing practices that lead to the succeeded firms. But I don't want to use simple methods relate with 4Ps. I want to formulate my research paper as a guide for them to be successful firms. I want to write a paper about 4Ps (marketing) that linked to the development of entrepreneurship. So I don't want to use how to pricing, how to promote, how to decide for placing method, how to produce that quality is full. I want to investigate which theories can enhance the marketer's perceptions relate with marketing practices. So I want to read the research paper relate with entrepreneurship's marketing practices in developing countries in which manufacturers reluctant to invest in marketing practices. Please advice me how theories or how author's theories are relevant with me and give me please some research papers that can help me in some ways.

thanks alot

by Hnin Mar Lar



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