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Marks and Spencer - Internal Factors Which Affect the Development of the Company

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Essay Preview: Marks and Spencer - Internal Factors Which Affect the Development of the Company

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6. Internal factors which affect the development of the company:

When it comes to the Marks and Spencer the first factor is to produce products which are diverse from other companies so that the customers will be attracted to the products. Next comes how the company maintain or work to achieve the goals. This can be done by a group work. Every employees and stake holders should stay together to see a positive result for it. A strong flow of fund is another factor for smooth working of every step. If the fund is strong then it will be easy for the employees to get the supplier and the technologies. Profit and strong balance sheet is another internal factor. If we the profit is high then the stake holders will be happy to invest more and the company get more funds and they can grow in the market. Human resource is a separate department which gives the company the well trained employees. Employees are the key factor of the company to bring the company to top level. Introducing new products will attract people to the company and it will bring new opportunities for the company. Last but not least to spread the company to different part of the world will bring more opportunities.

Capabilities that allow organisations to achieve:

7. Competitive advantages:

When a company is having profit which exceeds the average then the company possesses the competitive advantage over the competitors in the market. The main role of every company is to have the competitive advantage over their rivals. `There are two type of competitive advantage which is cost advantage and the second one is the differentiation advantage (Johnson et al., 2005). This competitive advantage exists when the company is having same type of competitors in the market. Positional advantage is the mixture of cost advantage and the differential advantage. So basically the main aim of the business is to get the profit and to overcome the competitors. If the company can overcome the competitors then they can reach their goals.

The turbulence of environmental change and the impact on strategic dynamics:

8. Environmental changes and strategy:

The resources mainly used by Marks and Spencer are cotton, wool etc which are environmental friendly. So respecting the environment is very important factor. The strategy is the main factor which will allow the company to develop the roots in the current market. So the strategic planning is very important for the company. So while designing the strategic planning it is necessary to see into the competitors. The next factor which I am going to explain is the political power of the country. There will be different rules in each of the country which need to be seen and followed by the organisation. So to be a part of the political rules which the government implement is very important. The changes in the environment will lead to change in strategies. There will b e different factors which lead to the change in the environment. The social life is an important factor, technology which



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