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Martin Luther King

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Martin Luther King

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Martin Luther King was an American baptist-minister and activist. He was born in 1929 in Atlanta, and died unfortunately in 1968. In many years, he was well-known for his role in the advancement of civil rights. He became an activist early in his career/life. He reached 3 awards, where one of them is a “Nobel Peace Prize”.

King wanted to give the black people their right to vote and to have economic integration.

He was also known for the way in which he tried to give the black people their rights because he did not want to use any form of violence. But it was really difficult to follow the non-violent principle because they were faced with violent attacks by the authorities and the civilian people.

Martin Luther King started the fight for equal rights between black and white with his “i have a dream” speech, about a USA where everyone was equal.

He became a role model for many black people who are still fighting for equal rights. And there are many people who become encouraged to continue the fight because race discrimination is still a topic in America the day today.

Martin Luther King has got an influence in our society today because he was a big part of the African-American civil rights movement.  They were not seen as real human beings and had not the same rights as the white people. For example, wasn’t it allowed for the black to sit next to white people in busses and restaurants. The possibilities for the black people was not as good as the white people. They were neither allowed to go in the same schools and institutions as the white people. Martin Luther King was therefore a big part of changing the USA. His hard work to give the black people their rights back from being slaves to vote for a president is a huge step. His work helped a lot because we have a black president in the USA today, Barack Obama.



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