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Maxim Magzine

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Essay Preview: Maxim Magzine

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Lily Rose Zobler





Maxim is clearly directed towards a male audience through the images and highlights on the front cover. The editors at Maxim clearly know who their target audience is, heterosexual men aged 18 to 35. They have strategized, taken poles, and paid very close attention to the media and what is popular and current for their market. This magazine is desirable to the buyer because their own sexual fantasies are displayed on the cover and on the inside pages of the magazing.

Lets take the highlights, for example. One reads, "NFL Kickoff!" in medium size font and, perhaps more importantly, the second line says, "CHEERLEADERS ON TRAMPOLINES." Its not a surprise that that cheerleaders are highly fantasized about, and Maxim knows this as well, so by putting cheerleaders on trampolines, makes it even more exciting. Another highligh says, "Maxim tests the six craziest sex moves." Again placing the image of sex in the man's mind. The crazier the sex, the better the sex; the better the sex, the more confident you feel; the more confident you feel about having sex, the more sex you have. The next highlight says, "Meet the Next Heidi Klum," putting images of the Victoria's Secret model into the onlookers mind. Being able to meet Heidi Klum is a fantasy to many so, to meet someone Maxim compares to the likes of Hiedi Klum would be a dream to many men. In this issue you can also "Spy With Your Phone" and "Get Rich Without Working." By putting images of cheerleaders on trampolines, Heidi Klum, and crazy sex moves in mens minds, Maxim is trying to excite men into picking up the magazine and buying it.

The final highlight says, "Exclusive Lindsay Untamed."

Perhaps the most inportant thing on the front cover however is the picture. In this issue, the cover features Lindsay Lohan wearing a blue and white striped bikinni. Her left hand is on her head and her right hand is sugestively pulling down at her bathing suit bottoms. She is gazing longingly into the eyes of the onlooker. Her mouth is relaxed and slightly parted, possibly trying to envoke images of kissing or even being sexually intimate with her.

Just by having Lohan on the cover says something. Someone may see this cover and think of Lohan's past. She is a target for papparazzi, being widely known as a party girl. She has been publicly arrested several times. Lohan was booked a felony charge for possesion of cocaine, she received a DUI, which after not showing up on her court hearing cost her a 90 day jail sentence. She dosent have the greatest reputation, but she also publicly dated Samantha Ronson, a girl. Here, Maxim is



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