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Mayor John Q. Smith Is Running for Reelection of Middleville

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Essay Preview: Mayor John Q. Smith Is Running for Reelection of Middleville

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Mayor John Q. Smith is running for reelection of Middleville, and you are challenging him. Mayor Smith has been touting the latest jobs numbers, saying that he has been the driving force behind 5% job growth in the area. Mayor Smith gave tax incentives to Big Box Warehouse to bring a store to the city two years ago, and he credits this decision with putting Middletown residents back to work. The Middleville jobs report contains the following information:

Employment in Middleville

Full-Time Part-Time Self-Employed

2009 53,000 17,000 15,000

2010 51,000 22,000 12,000

2011 50,000 30,000 9,000

How do you respond to Mayor Smith's presentation of the data? Write a 400 to 600 word essay (a page is roughly 250 words) on how you would describe the job situation in Middletown.

First we are trying to find the trend in the jobs from last three years in all the categories provided here with.

Total number of jobs in various years is as follows :-

In 2009 total number of jobs = 53000+17000+15000 = 85000

In 2010 total number of jobs = 51000+22000+12000 = 85000

In 2011 total number of jobs = 50000+30000+9000 = 89000

Increase in number of jobs =4000

Let rate of increase = x

X% of 85000 = 4000

x/100 *85000 =4000

X = (100*4)/85 = 4.7

Altogether there is a 4.7% increase in number of jobs.

From the above analysis and graphical representation we can conclude that there is an increase in the job percentage but we have identified one more important information from the give data.

The multiple bar diagram shows that there is a decrease in full time jobs and there is considerable increase in part time job opportunities. Self employment opportunity also seems to be decreased. The claimed 5 percentage of increase in number of job openings is not exactly true as it turns out to be 4.7 percentages. Also the increase percentage is only in the sector of part time jobs only.

The line graph shows upward trend only for part time jobs. Within 2 years there is a decrease of 3000 full time jobs. Total increase in jobs is 4000 only. So the claim that considerable number of jobs created newly cannot be accepted.

There are many companies offering part time jobs in middle town. is an example. They offer part time jobs for students,



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