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McDonalds Csr

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In the food and beverage industry, McDonald's illustrates proper ethical decisions amongst its employees. With over 500,000 employees employed, it is mandatory that each employee reads the Standards of Conduct and abides by the different codes.

McDonalds Corporation, trains most managers at Hamburger University. One of the requirements is to learn the Code of Ethics and how to deal with the different ethical dilemmas they may face in real life. Hamburger University is very crucial because they are training the different managers and in return are taking valuable training back to their different locations to train their employees.

The matter of the fact is the employees look up to their managers. If the manger is setting a good ethical example, most likely the employees will act with honest ethical behavior. Nevertheless, most managers critique the executives of McDonalds to determine their ethical behavior and see how to act. McDonalds' executives are setting a good example of correct ethics. In 2010, McDonalds voluntarily recalled 12 million cadmium-tainted "Shrek" drinking glasses. Even though the Consumer Product Safety Commission determined there were low levels of cadmium, which is a carcinogen. They determined the glasses to not be toxic and the risk to children was low.

However, in its 2010 Corporate Social Responsibility report McDonalds executives stated, "our toys are safe because we impose rigorous safety protocols throughout every step of the toy design". Recalling the "Shrek" glasses is a testimony that McDonalds Corporation is living the standards outlined because they did not legally need to recall, but did because the glasses did not meet the requirements of the company. In the end, McDonalds paid each customer three dollars for a glass, even when the glass was only two dollars to purchase.

Another example of McDonalds practicing what it says is taking the customer complaints about the advertising of a Happy Meal to kids when it is not that nutritional. In the CSR report, they have a goal to expand healthy choices of food and beverages for kids and still keeping the Happy Meal looking fun.

Advertising for the Happy Meals has changed over the past few years. McDonalds has included Disney characters eating apple slices and other healthy items. Executives are hoping that promoting with celebrities keeps the healthy Happy Meals cool amongst the children.

To increase the nutritional value of a Happy Meal, McDonalds is piloting a program called "Crunchy Wednesdays", which will enable kids to receive free apple slices and grapes with the purchase of a Happy Meal on the first Wednesday of the month. With these healthy changes ongoing to promote a healthy diet to children, is proof that McDonalds is continuing to practice proper ethics.

In conclusion, we believe McDonalds is continuing to better the world and most importantly is acting



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