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Medical Assistant - Unlicensed Multi-Skilled Health Professional

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Essay Preview: Medical Assistant - Unlicensed Multi-Skilled Health Professional

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Medical Assistant

Medical assistant is an unlicensed multi-skilled health professional who offers administrative, clerical and technical support to the physician. Medical assistant provides services for front office, back office and other clinical laboratory areas. Medical assisting is a versatile career for men and women.

Medical assistant provides services in the offices of physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors and other health patricians to work smoothly. Medical assistants are not like physician assistants who diagnose and treat patients under direct control of physician. Duties of medical assistants depend on the specialty of practitioner. Medical assistants work under the control of department administrator.

They do several administrative duties like answering telephones, greeting patients, updating medical records of patients etc. Medical assistant plays significant role in the medical offices or clinical environments. They don't make any decisions, about diseases, treatment or emergency plan of patients, independently. They are not allowed to perform independent practice.

Medical assistants perform administrative as well as clinical duties. Their clinical duties include explaining treatment procedures to the patients, preparing patients for medical examination, and supporting physician during examination. Sometimes they perform vital laboratory tests and disinfect medical instruments. They give instructions to the patients about medications or special diets.

Sometimes they purchase medical supplies for the clinic and examining room equipments and instruments. They usually work in clean and well-lighted environments. Some medical assistants work part time and many on regular basis.



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