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New Health Medical Systems

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Essay Preview: New Health Medical Systems

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New Health Medical Systems

New Health Medical Systems is expanding the hospital to form a center for patients with cardiovascular disease. This expansion commands new employees to occupy these positions. One issue human resources face is finding technicians with the proper qualification. It is the goal of the organization to complete this task without wasting time (Heneman & Judge, 2009). This memo will discuss the staffing strategic plan supported with the organization's new course and what proposals are desirable to accomplish the HR department's objectives.

The new strategic path is the organization desire is generating a center for patients with cardiovascular disease. The HR consultant has 35 new jobs to occupy for technicians within the new center. The consultant has assembled numerous thoughts in attempt to employ eligible technicians to submit applications and maintain employment with the new center. Offering new employees additional benefits when he or she maintains employment with the organization, assist with small turnover rate. Staffing service offers ways to find skilled technicians and also allows candidates timing to consider if the organization meet his or her needs. In most contract staffing companies operate as a temp to hire employment. This method gives both the employer and employee the opportunity to observe and determine if an employment with the company is suitable for both parties. The result of this approach saves the HR consultant time from seeking out the proper candidate from numerous of application. The consultant has a stable strategy aligned but the next step is finding individuals who want employment without a hassle.

An additional proposal to help the organization find technicians with the requirements is reaching out to college students within this field and upcoming graduates. This will assist with finding individuals with qualification and individuals entering the job market. Recent study shows that college students send two to three obtaining for employment within his or her field of study (Feng, 2002). Job fairs are aiming toward the right direction, but the purpose is to find individuals with the drive and someone who is looking for long-term employment. This approach will help fill the openings and help the organization achieve their goals. According to Noe, Hollenback, Gerhart, and Wright (2008), HR can come across candidates who do not obtain the proper qualification but looking in the colleges in the southwestern part of the United States can eliminate hassle and waste of time.

In conclusion, New Health Medical System is growing and the hospital has created a new center for cardiovascular disease patients. With the center needing to fill 35 positions, the HR consultant creates a signing bonus to enhance the job but must find other ways to draw candidates in. Offering positions to upcoming college graduates helps the



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