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Medical Marijuana - Miracle Marijuana

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Essay Preview: Medical Marijuana - Miracle Marijuana

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Miracle Marijuana

Marijuana, people love this stuff, and now this is becoming a medical use. Medical marijuana has been a huge controversial issue in the last ten years. Since 1996, thirteen states have legalized medical marijuana .One of the biggest questions that has come up from the legalization of medical marijuana. Will these new laws increase the use of marijuana in the general population? To tell you the truth I don't think so. There have been many studies with results supporting the use of medical marijuana. There have also been studies that suggest that marijuana is full of toxins and carcinogens. If something so toxic can be used for something so good as to relieving pain or increasing appetite in those who cant eat, why not let people use it?

According to Jon Carroll, a columnist for the San Francisco chronicles "Marijuana is not a drug associated with violent crime..." Jon also says that the benefits outweigh the risks. There are more risks from smoking or doing other drugs, such as cigarettes that can give you cancer and are addicting. Other types of drugs have ingredients made to imitate the effects that toxins like THC have on the brain. These fake chemicals can have devastating effects on the body. One medicine in particular that is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, called Humira, has so many side effects such as (hart failure, cancer, fungal infections, etc.) that it just isn't worth the risk.

The main risk that America can't afford to take is to not legalize marijuana. Legalization can take us out of debt within two year and make many jobs. It will help people control the pain and increasing appetite for those who find it hard to eat. There is a saying that goes like this " curiosity kills a cat" meaning that inquisitiveness can lead one into dangerous situations. Anything from going to jail for doing something illegal or getting a ticket from it. Teenagers do thing just because they know that they will get in trouble. It is our job as kid and/or teenagers to test the boarders of society. I truly believe when marijuana becomes legal that we as teenagers won't find smoking marijuana to be such a "BAD ASS" thing.

Forget America, what could we, as the state of Wisconsin, do to help the people of our state? Scott Bauer a columnist of the Wisconsin state Journal interviewed Jacki Rickert. Jacki Rickert, founder of "Is My Medicine Legal Yet?", suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and reflexive sympathetic dystrophy, bone and joint diseases that limit movement and lead to painful muscle spasms. Marijuana eases the pain for her, she said. Rickert has lobbied more than a decade to legalize medical marijuana in Wisconsin. She was arrested in 2000 when Mondovi police raided her home and confiscated marijuana. The district attorney later declined to press charges. "We're not criminals, we're just people



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