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Memo Report (informal )

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To : John Marble, Dean of Business Administration

From : Ahkhs Bjasdskj Cdjks , Business Student

Date : July 27, 2011


Purpose :

As a student enrolled in the Business Administration program, I would like to inform you about some major problems that students encounter at Humber and some possible solutions that students have decided through a questionnaire conducted by Student Center.

Introduction :

Besides being happy at Humber most of the students have complaints about Humber. Some of the main issues that students have complained about Humber were inadequacy of student activities and/or deficiency of advertisement for them, lack of space in the library particularly during exam times, extremely high prices at the bookstore for textbooks, ineffectiveness of the health card coverage for international students.


Inadequacy of Student Activities :

Humber College has a large number of international students. Many of them live in Canada apart from their families and friends. Since the first place they go is Humber College, they expect to feel home and comfortable. However, without new friends, students are not able to feel comfortable and happy, and this affects their studies negatively. For them to join in a social life in Canada or at their college, they need some organizations, events, activities etc. However, Humber does not provide satisfactory amount of events or is not able to advertise efficiently.

Lack of Space in the Library :

According to the questionnaire, % 55 of the students have complaint about the library. Students can't find space to study in the library in Fall and Winter semesters, particularly during the exam weeks (% 63 of the students complaint for these weeks). Even during the regular days, they are not able to find a group study room, since these rooms are filled with one or two people each. The projects deadlines and the test dates are the most difficult times to get a group study room. There are only ten study rooms on forth floor and six study rooms on the fifth floor, which is completely inadequate compared to the student number at Humber.

Extreme Prices at Bookstore :

% 89 of the students find the prices for textbooks extremely high. % 67 of them couldn't afford to buy the books and % 45 of these students have failed at least one of their courses because they could not buy their books. Humber Bookstore sells the books at very high rates and at the end of the term the store purchases the books from students at half price, and then re-sell



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