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Memoir Case

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It was a small brown duplex house with two medium size bedrooms that was located in a semi-quiet neighborhood. A leafless, tall, and branchy tree stood just outside about eight feet away. Dirt and rocks surrounded the uninviting place. She moved me and my siblings into this unknown place without knowing its misfortune. We moved there after my parents' unexpected separation because my mom was very determined to start her own life without my dad. It made me feel unsure of everything that was going on since my guardian angel was not around to protect us. With so much commotion in her love life it was overwhelming for her raise five kids on her own. She never said much but what was needed to be said. She walked around with her head down and her eyes low. Her face always looks lifeless and pale.

I had goose bumps the first moment I walked in my new home. The smiley face sprayed painted on each window of the house gave me creeps. The dingy white room with the worn out floor was unappealing. So many lingering stories attached to this gloomy house, stories of death and witch craft. One of the stories was said that a wife had killed her husband for no reason. I was only in third grade than, so it was Greek to me. I never paid much attention to things of that nature. Even though I was young I was more in my rock music. In third grade I know how to rock to White Snake, Bon Jovi, and Guns N Roses. Even though my choice of music was loud, I was really a quiet and disciplined child. Maybe I sense the heartache from my mom so the only thing I could do was by good to her. Around this time all five of us never gave her any trouble. We helped her around the house by doing chores. My younger brother who was seven months at that time was a little troublesome. He cried a lot at night and always wanted to be held.

A couple of months had passed by and the place was still not as warm as I had wanted it to be but I am getting use to the smiley face and dingy walls. That day My brother was sick with chicken pots so my mom spent most of the evening at the hospital. She walked through the door holding my sound asleep brother in her arms. The Doctor had told my mom that Joey was to get some rest and that he is okay.In our room the bunk bed was place against the wall; it was the center piece and the decoration. We didn't have much but we were never lonely. I sat around late one boring night playing with a lit candle. The flames danced as I slowly hypnotize myself into sleep. I don't remember at what point I feel asleep. I woke up to a loud siren ringing over and over echoing in the whole house. I tumbled on the floor, falling almost completely down I grab the door knob. As I open the door a teary, frighten face greeted me. No words came out but loud cries of desperation. In her arms a stiff cold baby bundled up in a light blue blanket. The tears running down her face wouldn't stop running.



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