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Mexico Profundo

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Reading: "Mexico Profundo" Introduction/Chapter 1 By Guillermo Bonfil Batalla

Main Idea:

In "Mexico Profundo"; Chapter 1 By Guillermo Batalla the author explains to the reader how Mesoamerican civilization and history is still in modern Mexico. The author goes back to A.D centuries when the Maya, Olmec, and Zapotec to name a few are born and used as the "roots" of Mesoamerica. He also brought up how corn and agriculture was created and how later it became a important practice for survival. Then, we are introduced to the two terms; de-indianization and mestizo. De-indianization is a process which an individual is forced to renounce that identity linked on their own culture by social organization or society. Mestizos are the "de-indianized" Indians. Throughout the chapter, it was mentioned how some indigenous names were changed by the European. The author through the book is showing us how from the past slowly to the future we are trying to forget our own past.

Point 1:

" The Decolonization of Mexico was incomplete. Independent from Spain was achieved, but the internal colonial structure was not eliminated." (Pg. xvi) I chose this quote because it supports Batallla in an Imaginary Mexico; it does not exist and the real Mexico is tearing apart.

Point 2:

" Discrimination against that which is Indian, its denial as a major part of what we ourselves are, has much more to do with the rejection of Indian culture than with rejection of bronzed skin."(Pg.18) If we do not start accepting our ancestors and how they are still relevant; we are disowning ourselves. We do not realize that our roots are still within inside.

Point 3:

"The viewpoint of the colonizer ignored the profound ancestral perspective of the Indian who saw and understood this land, in the same way that it ignored the Indian's experience and memory."(Pg9) This quote shows how the "imaginary" and real mexico can be portrait as.


I really never gave this topic matter. I did not really think about it as well. It does make sense now and I think it is sad. Our own friends, family and peers do not have much idea how our culture is slowly but surely disappearing by society. I do see what the author Batalla is talking about and I also can see it in "real" life.



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