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Usa and Mexico

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The USA and Mexico

The starting relationship between the US and Mexico was primarily geographical. Both were huge areas liveed in by Native American peoples. . The proto-Mexicans were generally more developed than their proto-American and Canadian cousins. The Mexican region had far more people. Both regions experienced colonization by European powers; but, Mexico's foreign leader was Spain. The US by contrast housed colonies from Spain, Great Britain, France, The Netherlands, Russia and even Sweden. The British became the dominate power in the US and many of the US's laws and customs copy the British. The US gained independence long before Mexico. The US widely adopted slavery; but, Mexico did not. The US developed a large middle class while Mexican society promoted clear separation between a small and ruling upper class and a large and relatively powerless lower class. The US promoted religious freedom; but, Mexico embraced Catholicism as the sole main religion..

Mexican and North American Peoples mixed for centuries before the establishment of either country. The European colonists also interacted prior to nationhood. The interactions between the various tribes where sometimes friendly and sometimes not. Wars were fought, yet there was a great amount of trade. Interactions between European colonies were also friendly and hostile; however, hostile relations between colonial powers were more common. The colonial leaders generally discouraged trade between their colonies and those of other nations; but, the colonists themselves often made profitable trading relationships.

Relationships between the US and Mexico were very rare on an equal basis. The British and Spanish empires always contested each other. The British won more than they lost. The Americans asked for and received Spanish support in the Revolutionary War. Alot of what is now the US was originally part of Mexico. The US gained this territory through purchase and force. Americans fought two wars against Mexico, the Texas War of Independence and the US-Mexican war. The US generally developed faster than Mexico and quickly became a far richer and more powerful nation. As such, the US was able to pressure Mexico in ways the Mexicans could never hope to copy.

Both Mexico and the US are rich in natural resources. Mining, particularly silver mining was Mexico's dominate industry for much of its early past. Big petroleum deposits were also found and made in the early 20th century. The many extractive industries are still a major part of the Mexican economy. Natural resources have also been important to the development of the US. Fresh water is one resource that is far more available in the US. The large amount of fresh water along with with vast irrigation systems enables the US to be far more productive with its agricultural land.

The relationship



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