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Mgt 449 - Effects of Quality Management on Domestic and Global Competition Paper

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Essay Preview: Mgt 449 - Effects of Quality Management on Domestic and Global Competition Paper

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Effects of Quality Management on Domestic and Global Competition Paper

University of Phoenix



Mike McKinley

June 9, 2011

Effects of Quality Management on Domestic and Global Competition Paper

Today the concept of quality management has come out as an important business practice that companies want to take on. "The reason is to become more effective and customer oriented by implementing quality management, enterprises has become able to ensure quality in their products and services" (The Importance of Quality Management, 2010).

"Although the approach in resolving quality issues contrast with the diverse quality management programs, the goal of every business remains the same; to generate a high quality, high-executing product or service that conforms to and passes the customers' expectations" (The Importance of Quality Management, 2010). In this paper, it will discuss the concept of quality management and its terms of its effect on two different organizations among which one operates in domestic market and another in the global market. The companies chosen to obvious the effects of quality management are American Airlines, which operate domestically and Lufthansa Airlines which operates globally.

Similar Processes

The American Airlines and Lufthansa are well-known airline companies in the industry. Both companies are performing and doing well with regard to ameliorating their services and operations. An important process that is the same in both selected airlines is application of total quality management for improving their services and attaining operational excellence. In addition, both airlines companies apply total quality management in their service of management in the following ways, such as:

* Both airline companies take on a quality control program for building a successful service process along with corresponding quality and scheduling measures. "The two airlines also follow the acceptance of quality control programs, and both airlines examined a detailed evaluation program. The program assists in evaluating the characteristics' of their product and service necessities" (Total Quality Management: A Continuous Improvement Process, 1996). This will also allow for the evaluation of all data used to create policy and procedure.

* Furthermore," management establishes the essential processes whereby deviations, if any, within the existing delivery system can be identified" (Goetsch, D. L., & Davis, S. B, 2010). At this level of the process middle management plays a key role as they are much competent to understand the deviations and interpreting their significance to lower level employees. By understanding the subsisting deviations they can easily resolve all the problems at initial level.

* Following the identification of deviations, both companies take on a method to correct its existing deviations. This is done effectively by identifying the industry requirements and services offered by competitors. It is most critical step in total quality management applicability of both the companies as with this only it is possible for companies to attain a vital



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