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Mice and Men

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Essay Preview: Mice and Men

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Mice and Men

By Crystal Williams

Lennie asks George a lot of questions. He asks things like "where are we goin', George?" and "what'd we do then?". This shows that Lennie may be simple and can't remember what he is being told or what he has been told.

George is quite aggressive towards Lennie when he speaks to him. He shows this when he says "Jesus Christ you're a crazy bastard"' and "to hell with the rabbits". This says that George gets annoyed with Lennie forgetting what he has been told. He also sounds like he gets annoyed when he has to repeat himself most of the time.

Lennie rarely remembers anything apart from rabbits. He says something about rabbits in a lot of his sentences such as "tried and tried but it didn't do no good. I remember about the rabbits George".

George tends to soften his tone when his talking to Lennie especially after his been aggressive. Like when he says "the hell with the rabbits. That's all you can ever remember is them rabbits. O.K! Now you listen and this time you got to remember so we don't get in to trouble. You remember sittin' in that gutter outside Howard street and watching' that blackboard?". This could either show that he is a kinder person then what he sounds like or that he cares for Lennie and doesn't what to scare him and he still wants Lennie to trust him.

Lennie tends to stutter a lot when he speaks. "I....I thought I put it in my side pocket" is just one example of Lennie stuttering. This is another example that shows he is quite simple.

George says something then says it again to help him remember what he was about to say. This could also mean that he is trying to remember and he doesn't want anyone to speak as he hasn't finished himself. An example of this is "O.K-O.K. I'll tell ya again." This says that he sometimes says something and changes his mind when he starts saying it.

When George is telling Lennie a story he tends to say it as if he is asking a question. "You remember sittin' in that gutter on Howard street and watchin' that blackboard?". This shows that Lennie is slow and has to be told long winded things slowly so he understands where you're coming from or what you're trying to get at.

These points show that the relationship between George and Lennie is a deep and genuine love for each other. They stick together through thick and thin, even when they annoy each other they are there for each other. Although it doesn't seem like they love and care for each other



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