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Michael Oher Case

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Essay Preview: Michael Oher Case

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The Blindside is a true story about Michael Oher, who started off with nothing. He was brought into a house by Leigh Ann Touhy. The house became a home over time, and the Touhy family became his family. He went through many obstacles in his life but he overcame them and became a famous football player.

The first time Leigh Ann Touhy saw Michael he was walking down the street at night in the pouring rain. He was a big muscular African American teenage boy probably twice the size of her, and she still invited him into her house. He was carrying a plastic bag containing the one and only shirt he owned. He was on the way to the gym to get some warmth. Michael seemed to be the typical homeless man with no potential in life, but yet she invited him into her house for the night not knowing what might happen with him.

The night she invited Michael back to her house she did not know anything about him: his personality, history, and if she could trust him sleeping under her roof. She talked with her husband about the horrible possibilities that could happen. She was nervous as could be especially having her daughter, Collins, being the same age as him. By the time she came down in the morning, the sheets he slept on were folded and he was out the door. She knew he did nothing wrong. She proceeded to invite him back into her house to stay for a little while.

Michael began to get to know the family and started to win their hearts. Mrs. Touhy changed her perspective from the first time she met Michael, treats him like he was her son SJ. She now respects him. After a while she decided to clean out the guest room of all her work samples, and make a room for Michael. She gets a bed for him to sleep on and a house to live in, he says it is the first time he has ever had a bed. Who knew the littlest things in life can mean so much to some people. She respects him even more because she lets him make his own decisions. She asks him about things he would like to do and nobody ever had (done) things like that with him. She asks him to tell her about one thing he would like her to do and it was to not call him Big Mike. Whenever anyone called him Big Mike she would tell them that his name is Michael.

Leigh Ann Touhy also encourages him very much. She is at every football game his team ever played. She was at some of his practices and helped him become a better player with the strategies she gave him. She helps him with the school work with which he always had problems . He has never been in the type of home where people cared about grades and where grades matter to the parents. She hires a tutor to help him get on the right to better grades and learning, and going to college.

Mrs. Touhy helps Michael out very much in many different ways. She helps him by letting him stay in her home. She takes him shopping for clothes he doesn't have and is not able to get. She helps him not get into the bad things he used to do



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