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Military Ethics

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Military Ethics

Thesis Statement

The aim of the paper is to discuss military ethics. The paper discusses ethics involved in the military, armed forces. How ethics is important from their hiring to their education, training and practice.


General ethics is further divided into corporate ethics and professional ethics. Military ethics or ethics of armed forces contain both. Both types of ethics often coincide and collide with each other. The difference of both the ethics' type is regarded as the difference between a man and the whole organization. The difference between the corporate and professional ethics is often described as corporate ethics and individual ethics.

Military Ethics

Related to the armed forces it can be said that professional interest in ethics moral aspects, i.e. values and standards is related with the behavior and response of individual soldiers. Corporate ethics is concerned with the moral aspects of the values and standards. The moral ethics play an important role in the events managed by the armed forces. In the armed forces, the corporate ethics is incorporated in the military operational management. It is also included in the professional ethics in the training and development of the soldiers. It also in calculates itself in the professional activities of an individual soldier. The aim of the corporate ethics is to target the sound operational management of the American army, in particular, and the armed forces in general. Professional ethics works in the direction of the sound personnel development along with the execution of sound, professional, individual soldier (Don, 2002).

If the ethical policy is effective, both types of ethics can operate in the same way. The policies must be effective not only in the home country but also in the tasks which are carried out of the country. If corporate ethics work together with professional ethics, then it can work well. It can also be said that the organization must act like a link between corporate ethics and individual ethics. People should support the common policy of conduct of a specific leader. The guide or leader should demonstrate those actions as his individual ethics. Generally, this behavior and conduct is confirmed by the armed forces and the derivative codes of conduct of U.S army.

Often personal arguments arise in the military. These personal conflicts must be kept aside while taking instructions from superiors. There are certain specific rules in the military which should be obeyed, followed and complied. The military rules aim to help to protect the individuals against injustice or abuse of power. The American army must hire its staff from the Dutch labor market. The armed forces represent the society that is why; the staff should be hired from all walks of life. Army doesn't represent the society on the situations such as tolerating drug abuse or focusing on one particular person. New joiners in the army is introduced with the American army's set of values when their training and education is in the process.

American army trains its staff accordingly because, in the military operations and personnel, the legislation on working conditions cannot be detected easily. Another reason is that the army, usually, is subjected to life-threatening situations. Therefore, the training should be given with full responsibility. The training should not lead the soldiers to a situation in which they are being bullied or may use power



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