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Milton Data - a Small Data Consulting Firm

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Essay Preview: Milton Data - a Small Data Consulting Firm

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Jack Tartaglia                                                                                      Sydney Internship Program

Due Date: 3/27/2018                                                                 First Internship Assignment        

1) What is your organization’s history and structure (local & global if applicable)?

Milton Data is a small data consulting firm, focused on providing a range of services to media and marketing companies. Although majority of their work is based nationally, they still have some projects that involve internationally based companies. They have specific expertise in many areas, including consumer modelling, segmentation, tv audience analyses, productivity systems, and strategic marketing review. For all their engagements, Milton Data can provide project and operational support as required. By carefully analysing data, Milton Data provides analytics and consulting services to the media and marketing industries.

Although Milton Data is a consulting firm, the majority of the work and history is attributed to one man. The head of the company is managing director Ian Garland. There are two other employees there, who deal with heavy duty data science, but majority of the work is completed and presented by Ian. Some of the work that has been completed by Milton Data over the last few years includes doing promotion optimisation and tv analyses/reporting for BBC, business process review and property valuation for Fox Sports, and reach/frequency modelling and process administrating for Commercial Radio Australia (

Ian’s career and background is remarkable. He established the television ratings system for Nielsen Singapore, where he was the managing director. While he was the head of Nielsen Australia’s Interactive Services division, he developed Nielsen’s first measurement services for the internet and worldwide web. As managing director of Nielsen Media Australia, he integrated the formerly separate media measurement divisions of Nielson Australia into a single unit of 180 staff, covering TV, internet, radio, multi-media research and advertising expenditure. After all of these positions at Nielsen, Ian decided to venture off and do his own consulting work, which lead him to Milton Data (

2) What is your organisation’s mission &/or objectives? Explain what the organisation is doing to achieve these objectives.

Milton Data’s objective is to provide analytical services and data management to help media and marketing companies make better business decisions by understanding consumer behaviours. Milton Data takes many steps in order to achieve these objectives. Primarily, Milton Data attempts to analyse the television ratings provided by OzTam on a daily basis to see who is watching what and where they are watching it. OzTam is the official source of television audience measurement (TAM) covering Australia’s five mainland metropolitan markets and nationally for subscription television.

OzTam TV ratings are audience estimates based on actual viewing behavior in 5,250 panel homes in Australia’s five mainland capital cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. They also track the behavior of 2,120 homes nationally for subscription television ( Milton Data takes these ratings and analyses them throughout different reports, which include video player measurement (VPM) reports, to see how people are viewing their television content. The VPM report breaks up viewership based on video on demand, mobile, tablet, laptop, and live television (

Milton Data has started to pay attention to how people are watching television, since the media landscape has change so rapidly over the past few years. Therefore, when Milton Data has a project with a major television network, they pay attention to men and women aged eighteen to thirty-nine. Millennials are constantly on the go, and view their media in less traditional ways than adults over the age of forty. To show this, Milton Data looks at how the viewership of on-demand television on computers and mobile devices have significantly increased over the past few years in younger adults.



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