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Human Resource Management Is a Dynamic Concept

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Essay Preview: Human Resource Management Is a Dynamic Concept

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Human resource management is a dynamic concept. A vast amount of literature has written based on human resource management, which is an outcome of extensive research and experiences of management thinkers. Human resources has been defined in many ways from past till now, management thinkers reflect that human resource management is just more than the general management of people. Torrington and Hall (1987), considered human resource management as a management that based on managing all human resources, including employee as well, where functions varies from hiring to deploying and technically more prominence towards planning, organizing and scrutinizing of whole resource system, so it can meet organisational goals.

In a modern approach Armstrong (2003), analysed Human resource management as more strategic functions in modern world which is not only manage resources but also functional in deriving high performance from work force, improving levels of motivation, human capital management and talent management. Modern world organisations are more focused over the strategic side of Human resource management, which require more proactive part in planning or strategy making which can meet the requirement organisational needs and ambitions (Salaman, Storey & Billsberry, 2006).

In general, business organisations human resource management has some of specific functions to do. On taking overview of the roles of human resource management, few roles such as staff management which includes recruiting, staff selection and profession analysis, also development of employee by adding them with skills, providing them with necessary training which are key catalyst for improved performances. Providing employee with better reward system and maintain all employee relations with each other and top management within organisation keeping employee maintenance factor such as rules and regulations of the organisation, safety, ethics and other policies of organisations, these are key roles which make Human resource management important for any kind of organisation (Bratton and Gold, 2000).

In past human resource management was very narrow concept and more administrative in form sometimes which is referred as personnel management. Taking research presented by CIPD into account history of human resource management began in 19th century, previously its emerged by formation of welfare secretaries position which was shadowed by women only; in order to protect women welfare at work place and within organisation. After First World War which also led to immense industrialisation, there was drastic changes in personnel management, women participation had been increased and there were conflicts between women and men for the position occurred also, as time passed by near 1920's establishment of roles like labour manager came in to existence which was established to handle recruitment, wage related problems, to lever issues for absence. But in mid



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