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Missing May Rewritten Story

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there they were they drove down to the place and found out that the bat lady was dead. My heart seemed to drop all the hope I gave to Ob must have gone. I was very sad that i did not do this. It was my fault I dragged them hear and it was my problem that she was gone. EVerything I had Given Ob was gone. I had given him hope to see how May was doing across the veil and that had all vanished in an instint.

We had found the place all rite thought Cleats.

"Passed on wear" I asked wondering how a spirtulist sermon must have died.

She died son passed on last June, shes passed on to the spirit world."

I was just dumbfounded we all stood there. I wondered what Ob and summer must be thinking write now.

Summer Then said something and I just stood there with no idea for what she said and not caring.

He responded and I still had no care for what he said.

Then I started to come back to earth and I asked "were are the bats"

"Flying free like the Reveren herself"responded the man

I Then wanted materials to hold.

"well mister do you have any materials you want to give us anything she might have used in a church."

"Well i have a brochure she would hand out i could give you one of those."

He gave us one of those. My heart was still very heavy. As we drove off wondering if this was the end.



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