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Mkt 421 - Defining Marketing

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Defining Marketing


University of Phoenix

Defining Marketing

Definition of marketing to me is too satisfy and benefits both customers and the organization. Example "would be saying if my daughter is begging me for the car keys," this would be marketing. She is in fact marketing herself to me for the exchange of the car keys. And that is what market is. "Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably" (N/A, 2005). According to P.Tailor from suggests that "Marketing is not about providing products or services it is essentially about providing changing benefits to the changing needs and demands of the customer" (P.Tailor 7/00).

The importance of marketing in a business is very important. It can make your company grow even bigger and make you organization a real success. The only way to stay in this growing world of business is to keep up with the growing trend of marketing like internet, email, and tweet. The six's steps in marketing research for your organization are Defining the problem, Developing the research plan, research tools, collect information, analyzing information and last presenting the findings.

Here is one life story of Kogi Korean BBQ "The Kogi truck is now a staple of the Los Angeles area, delivering quality Korean BBQ via truck to different areas of the city daily. Owner Mark Manguera knew it would take off, but he couldn't figure out how to let his growing customer base know where the truck would be each night. What did he end up doing? You guessed it. Twitter. He tweets the truck's locations and times throughout the day, letting hungry customers know where to get their fix. It's worked out splendidly. Mark and his team serve about 800 people per stop and have 22,000 Twitter followers." (Bonk, 2000-2012) With this company they used the new marketing trend and used twitter to boost their sales and made their customers happy.

According to Bluegrass Blogger about another success story about how important is marketing: "A major national fashion brand with no social media presence worked over several months to establish a presence on social networking websites. Organic growth of their audience on these sites surged to 10′s of thousands of fans and followers; over 75,000 between 2 brands and 4 social accounts in just a couple of months"(N/A,2012). This story shows another way how you can market your organization.

Here is another company that had success in advertising and that company was PIRELLI. Watson Robin France writes; "A company's advertising need not always have a direct bearing on its



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