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Mkt201 - Case 2 Principles of Marketing

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Essay Preview: Mkt201 - Case 2 Principles of Marketing

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Aisha Umar Mu'azu


MKT 201

Dr. R. Potluri

Case 2

1. The 5 stages of the buyer decision process in marketing are need recognition, information search, alternative evaluation, purchase decision, and post - purchase behaviour. However, the traditional Porsche customer skips the first three steps as Porsche is already highly acknowledged by them. Therefore, they first take the fourth step, purchase decision, by buying the product then they exhibit the post - purchase behaviour.

2. The Cayenne and Panamera are Porsche models bigger than the normal Porsche models. The Cayenne and Panamera customers start with the first step, need recognition, as these models are bigger and cheaper than the usual Porsche model. They, however, skip the second and third steps, information search and alternative evaluation, as they already know all information about the models and they only acknowledge Porsche as the most exclusive. They follow the last two steps, purchase decision and post - purchase behaviour, just like the traditional Porsche buyer.

3. The adoption process explains why Porsche could sell so many of these models. The adoption process refers to “the mental process through which an individual passes from first learning about an innovation to final adoption, and adoption as the decision by an individual to become a regular user of the product."  First the customer becomes aware of the product but lacks information about it. Then they seek information about the product and consider whether to buy it or not. The consumer then tries the product and finally decides to adopt the product.

4. "Negative attitudes are; ‘production image:become numerious but not niche’ and ‘the price is high, thus, only certain people could buy the car.’ Positive attitudes are; ‘Separate the lower and upper class social status for uppers class’, ‘create own exclusivity and maximize the utility and satisfaction’, ‘the customer who can afford will have positive side views.’"

Porsche can achieve that by maintaining balance and stressing about what it is known exclusively for, high performance.

5. Porsche sells to the upper class because it produces expensive and exclusive cars. If Porsche makes it affordable to everyone, the upper class will develop a negative attitude towards it thereby destroying the high social status of the product. To avoid this, Porsche focuses on a narrow market of highly financially successful people. Therefore, Porsche created an exclusive and unique brand and put each buyer in its class.



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