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Mla Style

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MLA Style

When evaluating Modern Language Association style, I found this to be a good way to format my papers to deliver information to my readers in an efficient manner. When I was introduced to this style, I thought it was going to be difficult to understand what my instructor expected of my papers. When scamming through the Pocket Manual on MLA, I saw a few difference in the two writing styles that caught my attention. The summaries of a paper is required using APA style but not on MLA style which makes it a little easier on the student.

MLA style uses the in-text citation but you do not have to include year of publication, instead you just use the page number you cited long with name of author(s). You must use page numbers at the upper right corner of each page you write and I like the fact that we can just put our name and class on left upper corner without using title page unless otherwise instructed. It talks about how you can use brackets to put your own comments in to help clarified any confusion or to keep what your quoting simple for your readers.

MLA recommends cited page because it refers the reader to a list that they can look at and follow what and where the writer is coming from. Cited page means you can site your source without Plagiarism as long as you add where it came from. I love the way you can quote anything, for instances, poems, plays, short stories, and novels. You just have to make sure you include page numbers, lines, and roman numerals at the end of your quote. MLA style also allows us to use pictures, graphs, and table in our papers as long as we label each one and identify what it is and how it pertains to our paper.


Indenting your cited page is important when using any style of writing because it helps the reader identify a new sentence or paragraph and makes your paper look nice. In our pocket manual, under the MLA tab, it explains how to limit quotations by using your own words in summarizing your paper. It saves on less quoting and more on reaching your reader not someone else s reader. When using the online sources it is nice but sometimes can be difficult. It is hard for me to know weather I have quoted correctly or cited correctly when it comes to writing out the entire web address or just putting down the main web page.

MLA says that we do not insert a hyphen when dividing at the end of the line and we need to place brackets around the URL we are using. However; this writing style does not require URL for most online sources because usually you can find that certain source by typing in key words or just web site alone then go from there. I like that we can use the online sources, the web has so much information now. With my busy



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