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Mobinil Data Traveler

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Essay Preview: Mobinil Data Traveler

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Executive Summary

Mobinil (The Egyptian Company for Mobile Services) is one of three mobile operators in Egypt, founded in 1998.

Since its inception in May 1998, Mobinil has strived to maintain its position as the leading Mobile service operator in Egypt with more than 30 million customers with a vision to become the preferred communication services provider in Egypt knowing that Mobinil is one of the most active and leading corporate citizens in Egypt

Mobinil is now seeing the Data as one of the best market opportunities to increase its market share and revenue, this opportunity is not just internal but also external with the data roaming.

Data traveler or using data while roaming either through the mobile or USB became one of the important needs in the market for the corporates and the high value customers.

With this product, Mobinil is targeting more customer satisfaction, increasing ARPU (average revenue per user) and setting its position in the market as the best operator in the data roaming.

Mobinil is expecting to have 10% increases in number of data roaming users.

The marketing Environment

Market background

Telecom sector plays a critical role in economic growth and is the key in attracting; (according to the World Bank: Investments in African telecom companies are generating annual rates of return in excess of 25 %.)

Egypt's telecom revenue represents an estimated 4.0% of its GDP with mobile revenue generating 56% of it

Growth rate of mobiles penetration jumped from 6.6% to 25% during 2002-2006; while the (GDP) growth was much less

Mobinil was the first operator in Market (May, 1998).

Vodafone followed by November 1998 ,Etisalat by May 2007 and the market may see a new competitor, the MVNO [Mobile virtual network operator] will take around 2 years to start in the market if they have the GO from the government in the coming 6 months

Varity of services being presented (Mobile Services, USP, ADSL services, etc.....)

Corporate Social Responsibilities (Supporting the community and investing in its welfare)

Competitive forces:

Company Strengths Weakness Expected behavior from the Competition

Mobinil High rate of value Customer

Strong promotion Strategy covers all market segments Network is not up to the customer expectations Very good after sale services.

Strong special offers

Vodafone The Brand of Vodafone is the best in the market

Less Network coverage Compete with Mobinil with the same services

Etisalat 1- Since it supported by the Government offers very competitive prices.

2- Good promotions. The least network quality compared to Mobinil & Vodafone Introducing better quality services and competing with the two others big companies

Economic Forces;

- After the 25th revolution Most of the Egyptians are looking forward a better economic situation in Egypt and as we will highlight in the political forces below that the revolution increased the data usage even while travelling to follow what is happening in Egypt.

- Year 2011 was a major year for transition of telecommunication industry in Egypt also the Economic status in the country slowed down the economic growth, the purchasing power of Mobinil Customers is increasing towards the variety of services covered by the company's network.

- In order to maintain our customer satisfaction Mobinil is working on always providing very good network coverage with high technology, providing a Varity of services with economic prices.

Political forces;

- The Current political situation has increased the Demand for mobile services such as internet services, USB, etc.......)

- Defending Mobinil Egyptian identity's (the first Egyptian Mobil Service in Egypt Campaign) Replaying on the Boycott campaign

- The expected acquiring for Mobinil by France telecom will decrease the political forces on the company.

Socio-Cultural forces;

Despite the economic challenges faced by the majority of population the mobile has become the most successful technology that has been introduced.

The Number of mobile user has been massively reaching a very high penetration rate not only among the high class and middle class users but also targeted the Low economic spectrum by offering inexpensive offers allowing them to use the Technology.

The General Idea about Mobinil is:

Mobinil offering the best promotion and the best network coverage in Egypt

Mobinil is trying to address communication among corporates, family members, friends. Anything you need any time at anywhere you have it at Mobinil (mobile services, internet services, etc....)

II Market Segmentation

a. Identification of Target Markets

* The Demographic characteristics are:

- Sex: Both males and females

- Age: Over 25(as we are mainly targeting graduates, corporates ,..)

- Occupation: Corporate companies , business related, internet users

- Education: graduates

- Social level: Medium and above who can use Mobile and internet

* The Geographic Characteristics are:

- Location: Places for Medium people and above with 3G covered locations

- Accessibility: USB modems, and advanced mobiles with Internet access

* The Psychographic Characteristics are:

- Attitudes: Accessing Internet, usage of Data roaming service

- Interests: business , all internet users

- Life style: employees who travels a lot and



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