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Money Is Important for Job

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Essay Preview: Money Is Important for Job

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Money is the most important factor people should consider when selecting their future occupation.

▶ Money is a standard measure of success.

try to make more convenient life and want to be recognized from others. Money can be one of standards for success, so we have to try to get more money under given condition.

At a writer insist that money is somebody's wealth, including all those things they own. And nowadays this definition is the most popular and widespread. If a person doesn't have enough money he or she is not considered to be a real representative of a human-being in the modern world. Prosperous is the word that is used for describing rich and very successful individuals. And we all are trying hard to be called, described and addressed this way.

- Try to get more money if you can.

- Money gives you some proud.

▶ Money enable us to do many things.

Now days, if we have not money, there will be much trouble than past times. Food, education, and security need much money.

By 'Urch forums', nowadays when a person looks for a job he prefers a high income to any other aspects of a job for one cannot survive without it. People need money to purchase material items, food to survive and even entertainment. Today, to educate a child a person needs as twice as much money than before, Money is a necessity thing for all life and almost everyone can agree to this fact that financial security makes a man's life easier. People usually save their money for any emergencies, especially for health purpose. All these related to the money.

- Without money, we can't do anything.

- Not only for you, but for your family you need to prepare money to manage your life.

▶ Money is proper demand for effort.

Many people think money is not a good thing. By money, there would be much bad experiences, so people think so.

In web-site, a writer says that most people have some sort of bias against money, thinking that everything linked to money, no matter what the thing is, is evil. If money is really evil in itself, it must follow that money should never be a consideration in choosing a job. The validity of this argument, however, is seldom questioned. Only when we notice that money is merely a means of exchange and does not lead to any moral judgment in itself, we can then study the issue impartially. If a person is currently living in a miserable condition and, out of his desperate desire for money, he accepts a job offer. The most important aspect of his job is most



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