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Motivating and Compensating Employees Stimulation

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Essay Preview: Motivating and Compensating Employees Stimulation

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Magic Graffix is obligated to initiate a performance management system to repair their attrition difficulties. A performance management system is a driven way to guarantee objectives and goals are regularly mastered and arrived at in a well-timed way. This will enhance and elevate employee productivity and performance and guarantee that employees are treated the same and reasonable. Furthermore, HR needs to be very cautious when it comes to stimulating and reimbursing employees due to the fact that earnings are exactly associated to employee productivity. The purpose of this paper is for the author to bear the role of the Human Resources Director for Magic Graffix. The author will produce an assessment of Magic Grafifx’s behavior and performance initiatives. The assessment will incorporate suitable interview techniques to confront attrition problems in hiring suitable employees, deciding whether or not Magic Graffix is using a specific selection test or technique, and if not, the author’s recommendation (if applicable). Additionally, the author will explain the recommended criteria and its benefit for the company, provide an analysis of three performance appraisals and identify which one is the best tool to use at Magic Graffix. Last, explain other corrective measures the author recommends.

Appropriate interviewing techniques

Magic Graffix needs to incorporate appropriate interviewing techniques due to the fact that some of their employees quit because they were poorly compensated. At Magic Graffix they were unable to keep their employees interested and this caused the employees performance to be altered. The employees left the job because of these examples, but it was not the main reason why. Magic Graffix had techniques they did for interviewing and the they were not suitable, this resulted in the employees being hired for positions they were not qualified for. Magic Graff needs to find an interview and selection method to guarantee that they employ the best individuals for the job. There are several different types of interviewing techniques that exist and can be used by the human resource department Graffix. Panel interviewing is an appropriate interviewing technique that can be used to interview Magic Graffix employees. Panel interviewing consists of being interviewed by several people, perhaps five or more (BARS) re. Each individual will have a list of questions, some of the questions are in different forms or each interviewer may come up with questions beforehand that is based on your background (Yeager, 2014). Situational interviews are situations or scenarios the interviewer will supply the interviewee to see how they react to that situation, this authorizes the respondent to administer a hypothetical response even if they do not have experience in the field. If this process of interviewing is executed and used in the correct manner, Magic Graffix will be able to decrease their turnover rate of new employees.

Selection test

Employees maintain that that the company sets uncertain assumptions for their employee and job descriptions. A proper job description is very important when interviewing candidates so they will be able to comprehend what the necessary skills are needed for the position that they’re interviewing for. “In the selection test, tests are used for screening applicants based on



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