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Motor Parts Corp Case Study

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Essay Preview: Motor Parts Corp Case Study

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Bob Marvin, president of Motor Parts Corp, a nice person that has high standard for himself. Bob is shy, but he has to work in public frequently. As Mike described Bob as "If someone didn't know Bob they would think him quite callous if they overheard what he just said, but Bob is really a good person in his own way."

Al Shepherd, who has the most important job in the company and his wife Ruth, had a recurrence of a malignant brain tumor. Al is a smart, funny, and friendly guy. Al is a hard worker as Bob does, but the difference between Al and Bob is that Al thinks job doesn't has to be done in the office, there are many ways to achieve the company goal. Due to his wife-Ruth's brain tumor, Al spend most of his time in the hospital with his wife, but meanwhile, Al still gives a good performance to his job in the company.

Mike Jones, someone asked by Bob to do mediation work between Bob and Al.

The major issue in this case is the lack of interpersonal communication problem between Bob and Al. Also there are many rumors being gossiping around within the company. Bob thinks Al didn't put enough time into his work because Al doesn't come to the office often and his wife's health issue takes lots of time from him by keeping him in the hospital. Bob then asked Mike to work it out between him and Al.


Since the issue is the lack of interpersonal communication between Bob and Al, they should have direct communication with each other rather than have Mike in the middle to do the mediation work. Both Bob and Al think each other as families, family members should talk straight to each other when problems arise. Bob and Al are also colleagues and for being colleagues with each other, they should not feel hesitated to communicate with each other regarding work related issues. In this case, rumors of employees do not present accurate information; Bob should have accurate information of all his employees rather than judge them by having rumors. Having Mike to help on mediation with Al may cause more confusion and thus to affect the relationship between him and Al.


The Motor Parts Corporation seems has no developed communication systems. Mike seems like the only person that has communication with Bob and Al. Besides the interpersonal communication within the company, there is also no direction of organizational communication. In the case, it mentioned that "many of them had their own serious problems, Jay Unger, VP Marketing had a son who had recently been expelled from college and was in rehabilitation with a drug dependency problem. Pete Arnell, was in the middle of a divorce. Bob had his own problems." All the information given in the case shows there is lots of rumors have been gossiping around



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