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M&s Supply Chain

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Name: Wong Shuk Hing, Vera

Class: LGT2B02

Case number: 6 (New supply chain strategies at old M&S)

According to information, M&S is a major appeal retailer in the UK and its products fulfill different consumer groups. The Perfect & Classic Collections, The Autograph and Per Una are the main range of M&S. What company to do is to know the needs of customers, fashion trend and market demand. This report will analyzing the operation management of company by seven aspects, which are Design Changes, Product Range, Consumer Group, Product Quality, Price, Sales Volume & SKU and Operation Priorities.

Design Changes

The clothing design of The Perfect & Classic Collection suited for customer who has a busy lifestyle, because it machine washable, tumble-dries friendly and non-iron, is classic and long-lasting stylish. The Autograph Collection is to employed top designer to design clothing and provide a unique design. Per Una is following the latest trends with unique cutting and every size.

Product Range

The Perfect & Classic Collection produces women and men’s wear, which including black roll-neck sweater, plain, jeans and white shirts. The Autograph and Per Una had accessories, women and men’s wear.

Consumer Group

The Perfect Collection focused on customer who has a busy lifestyle, the range is wide. The Classic Collection focused on more mature customer. The Autograph focused on who want unique design. Per Una focused on young female which 25-35.

Product Quality

Product quality is very important for consumer decide buy or not, so that the products of The Perfect & Classic Collection, The Autograph and Per Una were high.


The Perfect & Classic Collection was a reasonable price. The Autograph was high street price. The Per Una was 10% more than main range of M&S.

Sales Volume & SKU

‘SKU’ means Stock Keeping units, its ratio very important for the operation managers of M&S. The volume was normal in Perfect & Classic collection, but has high SKU. The Autograph had high sales but also has high SKU. Per una sales high but low SKU.

Operation Priorities

The Perfect & Classic collection is provided high quality in a reasonable price.

The Autograph provided e unique and high quality design in a high street price.

The Per Una provide limited-editions, fashionable design, high quality and fast production

Market segmentation is to understand what consumer’s needs or characteristic to divide different segmentation. (Schiffman & Kanuk, 1997,p.46)The three product ranges serve of M&S market segments are the Perfect & Classic Collection, the Autograph and Per Una.

The Perfect & Classic Collection: It focused on classically stylish merchandise for customer who has a busy lifestyle and more mature that took care about the quality and value of clothing. The characteristic of this collection is provided comfortable wearing quality in a reasonable price.

The Autograph range: It provided collection of top designer to customers, who want to have unique and high quality design, and the collection is high street prices.

Per una: It provided high-quality appeal at competitive prices and targets women who were fashion-conscious, aged between 25 and 35 and sizes 8-18. There were short and no repeats of production, also have limited-edition items within three months. Items that showed in small amount, more exclusive and unique design.

Order winner are those factor which directly and significantly contribute to winning business.(Slack, et al., 2010) That means the characteristic of M&S is the reason that customer buy services and goods from it. Order qualifier is that company aspects of competitiveness are above particular level. Its characteristics can make them outstanding than other than got order winner,(Slack, et al., 2010)

The Perfect & Classic Collection:

The reasonable price, quality, versatility and fitness are the order winners, because is the main characteristics of this range appeal. Company can use these characteristics to capture the market. The order qualifier is the timeless style, versatility and fitness. The clothing of this range were concentrated on design, versatility, comfort and long-lasting style.

The Autograph range:

Its cutting-edge design, high quality and uniqueness were the order winners. Using ‘ a designer boutique environment’ to tempt customer. The price target consumer of this range is high street so that is the order qualifier. Use high street prices to purchase unique and high quality design.



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