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Ms-Word Case

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What is Microsoft Word?

Word is an application that allows you to create and edit text documents. In addition to text, Word allows you to insert pictures, tables, charts, drawings, and features that will make your text richer and more interactive.

Word 2003 version has brand new features as well as old features, similar to older versions of Word that have simply changed location, name, or appearance. Word 2003 can open files created from earlier versions like Word 97, 2000, or XP.

The Word Window Title bar


Status bar

The default Word document includes the following layout tools:

* Title bar: Shows the document name, for example '"Document 1" and the program name "Microsoft Word".

* Menu bar: Contains the list of menus available inside Word, each menu contains a specific set of commands.

* Standard toolbar: Contains a shortcut list of the same commands found inside the menus on the Menu bar.

* Formatting toolbar: Contains a shortcut list of formatting options available inside the Format menu.

* Horizontal and vertical rulers: Are used for measurement purposes like any normal ruler; the default unit of measure is in inches.

Note: Depending on the selected view, the ruler might not show.

* White page area: is the space area where you type, edit, and format your document.

* Views: Allows the user to view a document in different ways.

* Status bar: Shows the page number the user is working on, section number, page number out of the total pages found in the document, line number, column number, etc.



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