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Multipurpose Sprinkler System

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Essay Preview: Multipurpose Sprinkler System

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 India is a land of agriculture which comprises of small, marginal, medium and rich farmers. Small scale farmers are very interested in manually lever operated knapsack sprayer because of its versatility, cost and design. But this sprayer has certain limitations like it cannot maintain required pressure; it lead to problem of back pain. However this equipment can also lead to misapplication of chemicals and ineffective control of target pest which leads to loss of pesticides due to dribbling or drift during application. This phenomenon not only adds to cost of production but also cause environmental pollution and imbalance in natural echo system. This project suggests a model of manually operated multi nozzle pesticides sprayer pump which will perform spraying at maximum rate in minimum time. In push operated spray pump a one trolley is there in which a special mechanism for translating rotary motion into reciprocating motion is present. This reciprocating motion is used to operate the pump lever. This lever operates pump and increases the pressure of pesticides and thus, pesticides will be sprayed. It is a device which is used to sprinkle pesticides without more efforts.

Agriculture plays a vital role in Indian economy. Around 65% of population in the state is depending on agriculture. Although its contribution to GDP is now around one sixth, it provides 56% of Indian work force . The share of marginal and small farmer is around 81% and land operated is 44 % in 1960-61. As far as Indian scenario is concerned, more than 75 per cent farmers are belonging to small and marginal land carrying and cotton is alone which provide about 80 % employment to Indian workforce. So any improvement in the productivity related task help to increase Indian farmer’s status and economy. The current backpack sprayer has lot of limitations and it requires more energy to operate. The percentage distribution of farm holding land for marginal farmers is 39.1 percentage, for small farmers 22.6 percentage, for small and marginal farmers 61.7 percentage, for semi-medium farmers 19.8 percentage, for medium farmers 14 percentage and for large farmers 4.5 percentage in year 1960-61.Clearly explains that the maximum percentage of farm distribution belonged to small and marginal category


 A. Problem summary:

 The farmers who use these types conventional backpack sprayer faces many types of problems like fatigue, tiredness, pain in spiral cord and muscles etc. Following problems can take place by use of this conventional type of pump.

 B. Common Problems

 1) Heavy in weight causes difficulty in lifting manually.

 2) Fatigue to the operator due to heavy weight.

3) Due to heavy weight during spraying, operator feels exhaustion and fatigue which reduces his efficiency.



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