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Musa Fabrics - Textile Manufacturing Company Case Study

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Essay Preview: Musa Fabrics - Textile Manufacturing Company Case Study

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COMPILED BY – Animesh Raj Gupta

  CLASS – B.Sc ( Ag ) IIIrd Year

                                    ID NO. – 11018

Table of Contents


Confidentiality Agreement        3

  1. Executive Summary        5
  2. Company Description        7

Promoters, shareholders and Board        8

Advisors        10

Products and services        11

Long Term Aim of Business        12

Objectives        14

S.W.O.T. Analysis        16

  1. Market Analysis        17

Target market        18

Total market valuation        19

Targeted share        21

Market trends        23

Profile of competitors        24

Competitive advantage        27

Benefits to clients        28

  1. Marketing/Sales Strategy        28

Income sources        28

Marketing strategy        29

Sales Strategy        30

Advertising and Promotion        31

  1. Research & Development        32

R&D        32

Product/Service Development        34


  1. Staffing and Operations        35

Management Organisation Charts        35

Staffing        36

Training Plans        37

Operations        38

  1. Financial Projections        39        
  2. Funding Requirements        57
  3. Appendices        59
  4. Reference        60


Musa fabrics is a textile manufacturing industry established in the year 2013 in gujrat, india. Industry is manufacturing a wide range of product. Such of these product are the plane cloths, bedsheets and many related item. The company has setup its goal and objective to capture the market and to be the india’s most demandable cloths producer. We have given importance on the banana fiber. This help farmer to fetch more amount of money from the banana cultivation and thus utilisation of banana waste clum.

The market is growing cery fast with the change and advancement of the market and chanding trend of population. We have a turn over more than 1000 crore and leading in the banana fabrics market. Yet we are only limited to the India but soon we will be explored to the world market. The Musa Fabrics brand name has revolutionized the whole market .

Our mission is “BE WITH NATURE”

Confidentiality Agreement

The undersigned reader acknowledges that the information provided in this business plan is confidential; therefore, the reader agrees not to disclose it without the express written permission of Musa Fabrics industries.

It is acknowledged by the reader that information to be furnished in this business plan is in all respects confidential in nature, other than information that is in the public domain through other means, and that any disclosure or use of this confidential information by the reader may cause serious harm or damage to Musa Fabrics industries.

Upon request, this document is to be immediately returned to Musa Fabrics industries.


Name – Animesh Raj Gupta

Date – 26-11-13


The industry is established in 2013 at the Gujrat. The industry is governed and been powered by the Mr. Animesh Raj Gupta. The industry in making the cloathing material and other fabrics based on the Banana fibers. The company is itself involve in the proccesing, manufacturing and marketing of the product. The industry aims for quality and healthy cloathing material bringing the nature and man nearer making them eco freindly. We planned to setup the industry in gujrat as the gujraj is the 3rd  largest producer of the banana and on the same place have an  average cultivation area of 60900 ha in last three years India with an average productivity of 58.7t/ha. Banana stem waste is the basic raw material required for this project and Gujarat has sufficient availability of the same to cater to the need.

The industry is been advised by five advisor. They are perfect in their work and has the capabilities to judge and take the industry to a peek. The advisor has been listed

        General manager – G.P. Gupta ( MBA)

Financial advisor – S. Kushwaha( economist)

Legal advisor – Vinod Gupta (

         Production advisor- Abhishek kumar yadav ( MBA)

        Marketing advisor – Aditya maurya ( MBA)


The industry will keep its feet 1st  in the main market of cloaths such as at kolkata , Delhi, Mumbai , ludiana, and major areas of south India. The compony is to sell the plain cloath rolls, bedsheets, cushions, curtains etc. The  industry has all 108 employee. Most of these are the labour working for fiber extraction.  The industry is manufacturing and processing quality  banana fiber with higher strenght . the average fineness is  2386 Nm, average strength is 3.93 cN / dtex, and average length is 50 ~ 60 mm[1].

The  banana fiber has good luster and banana fiber cloths have good drape.Banana fiber cloths are very Nobleness, Fashion,Health,Environment-friendly. The product produced at the industry are been prepared which are of high quality and give a great comfort to the consumer. Cloathing prepared is highly sensing in the temprature variations fullfilling the need of the consumer. The product is been launched in the main markets for the cloath with the low cost . various sales team has been appointed for the preparation of the marketing channel. The product is  natural based . as in term they are not having a long sustainibility.  The self life is low. Yet we are also new to the market  it will be tough to gain the consumer eyes . also their are lots of the local textile product based on the synthetic. It is a hard task to replace the synthetic cloath by our natural cloathing .



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