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Music Heals More Than the Broken Hearted

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Essay Preview: Music Heals More Than the Broken Hearted

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Studies have shown that music heals more than sick loved ones. Music has been used as ways to vent, express personality and also used in rehabilitation for stroke victims. Dr.Vichsamic at World Health in California says that music can trigger certain memories that are connected with music. Even though music can not make a immobile patience walk they can help in ways that the families can not see. Music to adults has always been "too loud" but to teens, it can never be aloud enough. When your having a bad day or just don't quiet feel very good, turn on your favorite radio station or crank up your ipod. It's bound you help you out if you believe in what your doing. This method or form of healing and rehabilitation is not for everyone. Not every life is effected by music, as some may or may not be effected by poverty. Studies also show that music can help the brain think faster, body perform faster and more efficiently. But again it depends on the individual. When someone has a bad day at the office they may listen to music that fits their mood at the time, well that's just fine. Slow or sad music can help also, you do not have to listen to up beat music to lighten your spirit. At World Health Hospital and Rehabilitation, there was a stroke victim like many others who was not being effected by the normal rehabilitation methods. But when they played a certain song, she immediately came back and recognized her family. The song? The song her and her husband danced to on their wedding in 1941.



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