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The Power of Music

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Throughout high school, music and being part of the music program in Everett has helped shape me into the person I am today. I cannot say enough about the music department because, truthfully, ever since I have joined, I have made unbelievable leaps and bounds academically, socially, and emotionally. The instructors and teachers I have come to know have each left their lasting impression and teachings on me to a point where I will take what I learned and apply it throughout my life. Music, through my eyes, is my friend, teacher, mentor, guidance counselor, and big brother.

The connection I have with playing and listening to music is so unique that I feel like I am listening or playing something so different from everyone else because I hear and feel something just so sensational. When I began high school, music provided so much for me because as freshmen, you do not know really anyone and you are practically all by yourself, but what music did for me was amazing. Since I joined the marching band in 8th grade, I began friendships with high school kids before I even started high school, which gave me an upper hand come time I began 9th grade. Also with music, I found that I could use it to escape my sometimes domestically and socially disturbed life because when I played music I dived right into it so I could zone out all things and bathe myself in the rhythms, notes, structure, and musicality of the piece. Doing this was kind of like a game to me because I always tried to find the song within the song, which was my way of fully understanding the music. Music became a hobby by itself because I enjoyed doing anything related to music whether it is learning, memorizing, counting, analyzing, or playing music, giving me a sense of overall happiness.

Before music, I was a child who lacked confidence, friends, emotional control, fun experiences, and role models. With the help of music in my life, I gained amazing friendships that will last to the end of days, confidence to perform in front of enormous crowds of people holding my head up high and emotional stability to face any life problems without breaking down and giving up. Having fun was never a problem with music because when people were bored or had down time all you needed to do is break out a new song that people could play and simply start jamming. As for role models, music pointed me down great paths and showed me that I have a talent in music, great work ethic, and a well-structured mental capacity to learn. Now as a senior, music is still helping and pushing me through my life, because I have been able to show my talent and skill as a player which gave my peers something to look up to.

What music has done for me is exactly what Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Moniz did for their students. Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Moniz have been associated with my family since my mother was in band at Everett High and continued through two of my uncles who were also in the band. What I learned about



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