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My Biography

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My name is Lan. I am from Vietnam. After finishing my college in business major, I decided to go to the US to study English with a hope that I will get a better job and change my life. I had to face the problems of not knowing the language or how the education system worked. Everything was different from my country. I could not express myself with the people around me. Time past, I tried very hard, as a result I got better.

I also realized that higher education is very important to me and also to everyone to get a better life. First, my goal was to study English then I changed my mind. I wanted to get an AA degree and continued to a BA degree in chemistry major. I also interest in to be a Math teacher. I am going to graduate from college and apply to CS Fullerton in chemistry major.

My family played a very important role in my education. They are my motivation to help me overcome difficulties in study in college. I have a very big family. There are nine of us: my father, my mother, one oldest brother, and six sisters. I am in the middle in the family. My first brother and sister had to quit school at an early age since my parents could not afford for all of us to go to school. They went to work to help my parents support us. This was another thing that motivated me to continue my education through university. I wanted very much to continue my BA degree so that my parents can proud of me. The counselor at school encourages me to be part of activities at school and in the community so that I could release my homesickness for living alone in the US without family. Therefore, I volunteered to be a math tutor in high school and intermediate school

First, I found that is hard for me to be involved in these activities since the different between the teaching math styles in my country to here. Later, I tried to overcome it with the help of my math professor.

In my community, I participate in the youth group and in the choir of the Church. I sing at mass every Sunday morning. I practice with the choir on Sunday morning before mass. I am also a teacher, teaching Vietnamese for Vietnamese American children to help them not to forget their mother language. I also volunteer in Service Learning center while studying at Santa Ana College. In my spare time, I like to read novels, exercise, go to beaches and go out with my friends to see a movie or eat in a restaurant. One reason for attending university is that I want to prepare myself for the future by getting a better education. Another reason is that I would like to give my parents the satisfaction of having a daughter who graduated from a foreign university. Finally, I know for sure that the higher education I get the higher salary rate I make in the future.

University Education is very important for the future of a young adult like me. My favorite proverb is "Learn, learn more, learn forever. You are never too old to learn." My goal is to become a business



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