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My Fake Story

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I remember being really small too small to see over the edge of our kitchen table. There was a snow globe and I rememeber the peguin that lived in it. He was all alone in there and I worried for him. Just like my parents worried for their children growing up and leving their nest and started a new adventure.

I remember being given a camera for my birthday. I just loved that a photo could capture the moment befor it was gone. That's what I wanted to be when I grew up a wildlife photographer. I imagened when I was older Id be tracking wild rihno's and elephants. But for now I would have to make do with plants and tame animals. It's strange the memorys you keep I remember going with dad to the hiking trail at the campgrounds one summer. There was somthing about the way you feel when you are having a good time and I remember the way that one specail day felt. I also remember the worse thing that happened to our family the day my great grandma stoped breathing and I remember the horor in my mother's eyes and the pain. But we usually werent those unlucky people to whom bad things happen to for no reason.

My name is humphrey first name Davee like my dad dave and I was 12 when I was murdered january,5 2011. This was when this stuff happened right and left and my parents allways told me be safe and walk home with friends But I dident listen I never thought it would happen to me but I was wrong. I wasnt safe a man in my neighbor hood was watching me. If I hadnt been so ditraced laughing with laurisa. I would of realized somthing was wrong. Cuz that sord of thing gives me the chills. It wasnt mr. adrian by the way all thought he looked scary he couldnt kill a fly mr. adrians own wife died a year and 3 months befor I did but I never saw her in my heaven. My murder was a man form my neighbor hood. I took his photo once as he talked to my parents about our flowers in my front yard. I was aming for the bushes when HE GOT IN THE WAY!!! He steped out of nowhere and ruined the shot (he ruined alot of things).

One day when I was walking home and I saw this man following me I just thought he was catching the same bus as me but I guess not I was 12 when I was murdered. If I just payed more attetion I would of saw him following me and watching me but I was to busy laughing with my friend laurisa. She had escaped. But I was the unlucky one.........



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