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My Favorite Christmas Memory

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Hailey Bellafiore


Period 6: English

                                             My favorite Christmas Memory


           Honestly these past few Christmas days I’ve felt blessed to have the memories I have been given each Christmas. My favorite Christmas memory occurred when I was ten years old. Even though now-a-days most children don’t believe in Santa anymore at the age of six let alone the age of ten, however I did and so did most of my friends.  Every Christmas morning I wasn’t only happy to see gifts under my tree but also “Santa” brought me the best gift I had ever received this Christmas. Which I enjoyed more than the presents under the tree.

          Every Christmas morning, instead of my parents waking me up I would usually wake them up feeling all enthusiastic and ready to open the presents and eat all the treats on the table that have been left behind by “Santa”. Once my parents finally woke up, we would eat breakfast and then my parents would point which gifts were mine under the tree after consuming the gingerbread house we had made after breakfast. My eyes lit up and I was more than just excited at this point, my heart was pounding. My parents made me close my eyes as they gave out the gifts, because my parents always had this thing were they said if Santa saw us with our eyes open as he was giving out the gifts a terrible curse would come upon us and I definitely believed them at the time too. I was such a gullible child. Anyways, I got everything I wanted that I made a list for and this made me believe that Santa was real as a child. Obviously any person could just come into my house and give me any presents but Santa knew exactly what I wanted, everything on the list. After I opened my gifts, what was next to come was a marvel. There was something I wanted more than anything else and this would lead me to truly believing in Santa even more. My mom told me there was one more present from Santa. My parents led me to the front steps of my house and I was stunned. A little background on why I was stunned before I reveal the reason is I have a family in Puerto Rico who has been struggling to get by and has always had a huge place in my heart since the very start, especially my cousin Isabelle.  My grandparents gave me a tiny slip with wrapping paper on it. I opened it as quickly as I could and I couldn’t hold back the tears from coming out. It was a ticket to Puerto Rico. I started crying my eyes out.  Now there’s so much meaning behind this than just it being a ticket to Puerto Rico, it inhabited the family I loved and missed very dearly and for this I was very grateful to Santa. This was truly the best Christmas ever. Words cannot describe the amount of happiness I felt on this very day.



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