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Brand Identity of Favorite City

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Brand identity creates an association between an object and its desired image. Marketing is used to create brand awareness and increase brand identity. Brand identity for a city can be a place, object, culture or any other identifying image. Often this image is promoted by the tourism bureau for that city or state.

Daytona Beach, Florida brand stands for:

Beaches (driveable)


Emory Riddle

Spring Break

Bike Week

Daytona Beach's infamous history was created when cars were raced on the beach and numerous land speed records were set. To this day, Daytona is one of the few beaches in the world that allows cars to be driven on the beach. Racing continues to be one of its main sports attractions and is known to be the kickoff to race season. Daytona's convenient location (approx. one hour) to major tourist attractions such as Disney World and other Orlando attractions, Kennedy Space Center and St Augustine make it a desirable vacation stop. While many of Daytona's activities are fun and sports related it also is home to Emory-Riddle, one of the best aviation and aeronautical colleges in the world.

The brand essence for Daytona Beach

Old-"World's most Famous Beach"

New-"Way more than a Beach"

There is often a conflict between the old identities of a city and the new identity that is envisioned. Daytona is trying to change its original brand identity to appeal to a broader market. One unique aspect of Daytona Beach is it one of the few beaches that you can drive on. Recent media attention to deaths on the beach caused from automobile and pedestrian accidents have cast blight on this. In an effort to counteract this publicity part of the beach is now closed to vehicles and this change is also reflected in its brand essence.

Some of its known events such as Spring break and Bike Weeks have created a less than desirable image for Daytona in past years and Daytona has used marketing to help create a more family friendly image.



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