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My Goal in Life

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Mission: I am a human being capable of thinking and defining what is best for me. I 'm aware of my behavior and try to improve every day, I know I can achieve great goals in my life and I have confidence in myself.

Vision: I will be successful person, proud of what I build trough my life and not just on the professional field, but also as a memeber of a family and society. I want to contribute to develop my country and be a good citizen. I will fight for this no matter the challenges on the road.


Near-term Goals:

Get my dual degree at SDSU with a GPA of 3.5 or above

Go back to Chile and get a nice first job

Enjoy my life with family and friends

Mid-Term Goals:

Get an scholarship from the Chilean government to get into a graduate school here in United States, hopefully in California

Get I high score on the GMAT

If I stay in Chile buy a house for myself, and help my parents to buy a new one for them

Get a new better job or a promotion

To start a master in project management on the best college in Chile: Universidad de Chile.

Long-term Goals:

Start a family, have a child maybe

Have an stable and well pay job

Already have a Master or graduated from a good Graduate School

10+ years Golds

Back to Chile in my fifties if I was in an other country

To teach in some university in Chile

To Participate in some ministry to find a way to help my country to be a better one.

Have a long list of places that I visited

Enjoy family and friends



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