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Smart Goals for Life Success

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SMART Goals for Life Success

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SMART Goals for Life Success

The following SMART goals include several strategies and tasks to acquire educational, personal, and professional development. Once completed, all will help to manage stress while attending grad school, provide opportunity to live by a standard of excellence, and make a mark in the world by helping youth become educated athletes. Through evaluation of these SMART goals, plus some trial and error I will measure what works best, and once the right fit is identified it will be much easier to stay organized, complete classwork before deadlines, manage time wisely for a healthy work/life balance, live my best life, and answer the calling to educate youth (i.e., obtain life success).

Educational SMART Goal

I will manage my stress level while attending grad school by implementing an Academic Stress Management System (ASMS), no later than April 24, 2013, to promote organization, proactive class preparation, and time management for a healthy work/life balance.

ASMS Process 1: Organization - Electronic File Management System

Creating an Electronic File Management System (EFMS) will eliminate time wasted searching for documents (i.e., make academic material easily accessible); thus, saving valuable time for coursework and myself. The following steps will guide me through the process to set up EFMS, and establish a common practice for managing electronic documents (assignments, articles, books, etc.):

1. Identify a location to store academic material on my computer ("My Documents" folder/not on the desktop) prior to creating an electronic filing structure.

2. Construct a file hierarchy within one master folder.

3. Create an electronic file hierarchy system in advance to reorganizing documents within the new filing system. This step will allow file folders to be easily dragged and dropped to the appropriate folders; thus, eliminating the need to stop and create a new folder each time.

4. Design standard naming conventions for the filing system to assist with naming, filing, and locating electronic documents.

5. Engage the standard Windows Explorer program to organize files.

6. Format a folder view to simplify organizing files and documents, and easily drag and drop them from one pane to another.

7. Create file and sub-file folders in outline format, sorted in alphabetical order using Windows Explorer.

8. Finally, relocate files and documents into folders and subfolders within the new file system.

ASMS Process 2: Proactive Coursework Preparation

Following a weekly routine designed to proactively prepare for online class sessions will provide an opportunity for a smooth, controlled start to learn and complete coursework timely. The following process will help identify upcoming classwork (e.g., forum questions, assignments, quizzes, etc.) to create a plan of attack so that I can stay organized and on task. Every Tuesday, prior to the following online class week:

1. Consult resources (i.e., the following tabs) for coursework instruction:

a. Calendar: Module/Discussion Questions, Assignments, Projects, and Quizzes

b. Resources:



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