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My New Journey

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Essay Preview: My New Journey

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I realized that my journey from high school to college would not be so easy for me. When it come to high school I didn't do as well as I wanted to. My grades were not something i was so happy about. I was the kid that my friends wouldn't see everyday in class and I didn't really care too much when it was time to study. Now as I start my new journey into the college life I know it's going to be a challenge and I'm going to have to change in some ways to prepare myself for success such as not missing class, being able to make the time to try understand what the teacher is teaching, and most important complete any assignments that may be assigned for homework or class work.

The first way I'm going to prepare myself for college is to keep good attendance. When I think back to my high school days the one thing I remember was skipping class or not being able to wake up early enough in the morning to make it to school. In order to break out this habit I would have to do a few things. One reason why I didn't go to class in high school was because it was boring and after awhile going became pointless. So to begin with, I would have to tell myself over that school might be boring at times but going is important for my future and to my parents. In addition to reminding myself about the importance I would also have to fight through any sickness that may occur because missing one day of class, is one class too many. With the speed that college moves there is no way I can afford to miss a day of class. Missing one day of class is like missing three days of class work and I rather not put myself in a big hole that I can't climb out of. The next thing I would have to work on is actually being able to get up to go to class. I have a bad habit of staying up late which poses a problem when you have to get up early the next morning. In order to over come this I would have to start going to bed on time. In addition, I would also have to purchase an alarm clock because my mother will no longer be able to wake me up. I could also become friends with my classmates and ask that they call me in the morning to make sure I am up. By reminding myself the importance of school and taking all the step to wake up in the morning to make it to class is just the beginning of my journey. In doing so, this will at least get me up and to class each and every day and I'll have good attendance.

The second way I'm going to prepare myself for college is to take the time out to study or ask help over the material I was taught in class so I will be able to understand what the teacher has taught. This means actually setting time aside after class just for school. If there is something I don't understand the first thing I could do is see my teacher after class or during his/her office hours for help. When doing this it will help me understand what was just learned instead of waiting until I get really confused and frustrated.



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